KTM 625 SXC 2006        

Rider Weight in Kilograms:

Ideal Fork Rate: kg/mm

Ideal Shock Rate: kg/mm

Stock Fork Spring Rate: 0.440 kg/mm

Stock Shock Spring Rate: 6.60 kg/mm


Ideal Rider Weight 73 kg

4 Stroke Engine 625 cc

WP Reservoir Removal Tool - 2 Pin Type

WP Reservoir Removal Tool - 2 Pin Type



WP Piston Ring 46 x 8

WP Piston Ring 46 x 8



Teflon Shaft Bushing - 14id x 16 x 15

Teflon Shaft Bushing - 14id x 16 x 15



Shock Preload Collar Spanner

Shock Preload Collar Spanner



Shock Oil Seal 14 x 2.62

Shock Oil Seal 14 x 2.62



Shaft Clamp - 20 24 28

Shaft Clamp - 20 24 28



Shaft Clamp - 10 12 12.5 14 16 18

Shaft Clamp - 10 12 12.5 14 16 18



Outer Guide Bush 43 x 12 x 2.0

Outer Guide Bush 43 x 12 x 2.0



Inner Slide Bush 43 x 20 x 1.0

Inner Slide Bush 43 x 20 x 1.0



Fork Seal Driver Kit

Fork Seal Driver Kit



Fork Oil Seals 43mm id

Fork Oil Seals 43mm id



Fork Oil Level Tool

Fork Oil Level Tool



Fork Dust Wipers 43mm id

Fork Dust Wipers 43mm id



Fork Bleeder Tool Set

Fork Bleeder Tool Set



Bushing Driver Set

Bushing Driver Set



20-075 Motorcycle Shock Spring
RRP $218.90
19-130 Motorcycle Fork Springs
RRP $218.90
16mm id x 41mm od x 55mm length - Soft

16mm id x 41mm od x 55mm length - Soft



The 620, 640 and 625 SXC are derivatives of the very popular LC4 line, having proved it’s reliability and competitiveness in almost 20 years of Australian Safari and world rally raid competition. Technically there are some differences between the Adventure and the SXC, but the goals for suspension performance are the same for any safari machine.
  • The fuel loads will vary greatly throughout the competition day, 30-40kg variance in weight is quite normal.

  • Rider fatigue is a big factor, so the suspension must not contribute towards fatigue. Soreness in the hands, wrists and forearms is something no rider wants. This requires suppleness in the initial suspension travel. This will also help look after the bike, lessening fatigue to the metal parts on the machine.

  • The suspension also needs to save the rider from those “oh shit” moments, when you've ignored a caution on the course late in the day when tired and come into a 2m wide 1m deep rain washout at 140km/h. This requires motocross-like settings that are too hard on the body for long days.
It often unfolds that a good suspension set-up for safari also translates to a good setting for adventure riders, allowing longer days in the seat, with less risks and greater control.
The standard settings are compromised as the manufacturer has to design a package that will suit everyone, whereas we can be more specific. The fork springs are replaced for some heavier 0.50kg/mm units. Why go heavier? They will support the heavier fuel loads, and with the valving changes will still feel plusher than stock. We also use a high flow compression base valve of our own design, and these have proved very popular in the WP fork to alleviate the harsh feel on tree roots, loose rocks and corrugations. The rebound, midspeed and base compression valving is then replaced with a setting that Teknik have developed for the Safari. Forks are filled with 5wt fluid, 140mm from the top.
  • WP Fork Revalve & Service. We replace the stock valving with our own secret recipe, change all the seals & wipers, oil and regas it with fresh nitrogen. Then we dyno test it to make sure we got it right. Find the fork spring rate you need HERE.

    Price $
    New Fork Springs Approx $200.00

The LC4 retains a linkage system, unlike the PDS rear shock on most other KTM models. It has proven to be very reliable, however the spring rate and valving need some attention for safari type events. There is also an option of removing some of the travel limiting spacers for increased ride height.
  • WP Shock Revalve. We have found the stock WP rear shock springs loose their free length over time, and you will need to keep readjusting the sag. Because of this, and a need to raise the rate, we replace the stock 63Nm WP spring with a Teknik 80Nm Shock Spring (depending on your weight, see what we would recommend HERE). The valving also comes under attention, with a new setting for safari. Plush at the beginning, firm enough to carry the load, but firming up towards the end of the stroke. We use high quality oil with good resistance to heat related fade, Maxima medium.

    Price $
    New Shock Spring Approx $200.00

43mm OD

WP Open Chamber (USD) 43mm OD

12 Clicks

Compression Adjuster 12 Clicks

12 Clicks

Rebound Adjuster 12 Clicks


Top Out Type Internal

25 in-lb (0.29 kgf-m)

Compression Nut Torque 25 in-lb (0.29 kgf-m)

28.0 mm

Fork Cartridge Inner Diameter 28.0 mm

12.0 mm

Fork Rod Outer Diameter 12.0 mm

44.3 mm

Fork Tube Inner Diameter 44.3 mm

43mm id x 20mm height x 1.0mm thick

Inner Bush Dimensions 43mm id x 20mm height x 1.0mm thick

43mm od x 12mm height x 2.0mm thick

Outer Bush Dimensions 43mm od x 12mm height x 2.0mm thick

43.4 mm

Fork Spring Large Outer Diameter 43.4 mm

43.4 mm

Fork Spring Small Outer Diameter 43.4 mm

485 mm

Spring Free Length 485 mm

31.9 mm

Spring Guide Outer Diameter 31.9 mm

0.440 kg/mm

Spring Rate - Claimed 0.440 kg/mm

0.440 kg/mm

Spring Rate - Measured 0.440 kg/mm

15 mm

Standard Preload 15 mm


Spring Coils Progression 0


Fork Oil Weight 5

150 mm

Fork Oil Level 150 mm

2 Litres

Oil Quantity 2 Litres

46mm ID

WP 46mm ID


Shock Linkage Yes


Compression Adjuster #4


Rebound Adjuster #3

150 psi

Nitrogen Pressure 150 psi

5 Weight

Shock Oil 5 Weight

111 mm

Shock Travel 111 mm

14 mm

Shock Shaft Outer Diameter 14 mm

12 mm

Shock Shaft Outer Diameter at Valve 12 mm

152 mm

Shock Shaft Chrome Length 152 mm

#54 (1.4mm)

Shock Piston Rebound Bleed #54 (1.4mm)

85 mm

Standard Sag 85 mm

25 ft lbs (34 NM)

Shaft Nut Torque 25 ft lbs (34 NM)


OEM Spring Colour Orange

260 mm

Spring Free Length 260 mm

59.3 mm

Shock Spring Large Inner Diameter 59.3 mm

59.3 mm

Shock Spring Small Inner Diameter 59.3 mm

58.0 mm

Shock Collar Large Outer Diameter 58.0 mm

57.9 mm

Shock Collar Small Outer Diameter 57.9 mm

253 mm

Spring Maximum Set Length 253 mm

215 mm

Spring Minimum Set Length 215 mm

6.60 kg/mm

Spring Rate - Measured 6.60 kg/mm