SUZUKI DRZ 400 2017        

Rider Weight in Kilograms:

Ideal Fork Rate: kg/mm

Ideal Shock Rate: kg/mm

Stock Fork Spring Rate: 0.440 kg/mm

Stock Shock Spring Rate: 5.00 kg/mm


Ideal Rider Weight 73 kg

4 Stroke Engine 400 cc

Teflon Shaft Bushing - 16id x 18 x 12

Teflon Shaft Bushing - 16id x 18 x 12



Showa Piston Band 50 x 13 x 1.2

Showa Piston Band 50 x 13 x 1.2



Showa 16mm id Dust Wiper

Showa 16mm id Dust Wiper



Shock Preload Collar Spanner

Shock Preload Collar Spanner



Shock Oil/Dust Seal Set 16mm Showa

Shock Oil/Dust Seal Set 16mm Showa



Shock Oil Seal Showa/KYB 16X28X5

Shock Oil Seal Showa/KYB 16X28X5



Shaft Clamp 20 24 28mm

Shaft Clamp 20 24 28mm



Rebound Check Valve SHOWA 12mm

Rebound Check Valve SHOWA 12mm



Fork Oil Level Tool

Fork Oil Level Tool



Bumper 16x55x58 H SHOWA

Bumper 16x55x58 H SHOWA



Bladder 50 OD x 105 L Showa

Bladder 50 OD x 105 L Showa



49mm Showa Fork Dust Seal

49mm Showa Fork Dust Seal



20-115 Motorcycle Shock Spring
RRP $218.90
19-190 Motorcycle Fork Springs
RRP $218.90
Shaft Clamp 10 12 12.5 14 16 18mm

Shaft Clamp 10 12 12.5 14 16 18mm



Fork Seal Driver Kit

Fork Seal Driver Kit



Fork Bleeder Tool Set

Fork Bleeder Tool Set



Bushing Driver Set

Bushing Driver Set



The DRZ400E is a great trail bike. It’s what the XR400 could have been, but wasn’t. It’s cheap, it’s reliable (use Silkolene Comp4 15w50 engine oil, and change it often!), and it’s a very capable enduro bike. We like the DRZ400E, and based on sales numbers, so do plenty of other Australians.
The standard Showa front & rear suspension is too soft for most riders, especially the kind of rider that buys this bike. For most owners this bike will ride too low, and will hit their limits too early.

The forks are big in diameter (49mm), but poor in their valving. At plodding trail speeds, they’re OK. But push them, and they’ll be harsh, deflective, and will bottom without too much effort.
  • Fork Revalve & Service. Send us the forks & shock, plus info on your height, weight, ability, terrain, and your complaints. We will give you back the customised results from our huge settings bank and years of experience. Both ends are softly sprung too, but you can find the fork spring rate you need HERE.

    Price $
    New Fork Springs Approx $200.00

The rear end sits WAY too low, and more preload on the standard spring doesn’t fix it. Plus, the standard spring slacks out way too quick, and needs constant adjusting, and then replacing well before it should. No lifetime warranty there!
  • Showa Shock Revalve. A revalve will get rid of the harsh ride, making the damping more plush and tuned for your riding and weight. And new Shock Springs will fix ride height and bottoming problems. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Teknik Springs, too! Easy to fit, direct replacement, no messing around. Find the rate which would suit you best HERE.

    Price $
    New Shock Spring Approx $200.00

*Pricing based on a new or as new bike. If you need consumables, seals, bushes, bumper, shock seal, shock shaft, you need to pay for these consumable parts. The service won't cost you more as we already have the suspension apart.
Pricing does not include freight to and from our workshop. We use AusPost, TNT and Toll almost anywhere in Australia is $25-35 one way, road freight.

"Guys, As promised I have now ridden the bike a couple of times on the dirt. Bottom line is the suspension is now transformed, particularly the rear.
Way stiffer but also nice and progressive. Initially it felt a bit hard, but once I started to push on and upped the speed a bit it was perfect.

I played about with the damping settings a bit yesterday but ended up back where you had it (shouldn’t have bothered trying to improve it after all the dyno time, but I couldn’t resist!)

Not only is the ride better it’s also seems to have improved the traction on climbs, maybe that or the improved suspension meant I was more confident it attacking them? But either way I was getting up some fairly long steepish hills yesterday that I used to struggle on. Seat height is about where I had it with the lowering links etc, maybe a tad lower? Anyway it’s fine.

It doesn’t ride as smoothly on the road, feels much firmer than the original suspension (because it is!) but that isn’t what I want it for anyway so not an issue as I only ride it from where I park the car & trailer to the start of the dirt and back.

Thanks again


49mm OD

Showa Conventional 49mm OD

10 Clicks

Compression Adjuster 10 Clicks

8 Clicks

Rebound Adjuster 8 Clicks


Top Out Type Internal

25 in-lb (0.29 kgf-m)

Compression Nut Torque 25 in-lb (0.29 kgf-m)

28.0 mm

Fork Cartridge Inner Diameter 28.0 mm

12.0 mm

Fork Rod Outer Diameter 12.0 mm

278 mm

Fork Travel 278 mm

44.4 mm

Fork Tube Inner Diameter 44.4 mm

49mm id x 25mm height x 1.0mm thick

Inner Bush Dimensions 49mm id x 25mm height x 1.0mm thick

49mm od x 15mm height x 2.0mm thick

Outer Bush Dimensions 49mm od x 15mm height x 2.0mm thick

43.3 mm

Fork Spring Large Outer Diameter 43.3 mm

40.9 mm

Fork Spring Small Outer Diameter 40.9 mm


Number of Coils 30.3

511 mm

Spring Free Length 511 mm

0.430 kg/mm

Spring Rate - Claimed 0.430 kg/mm

0.440 kg/mm

Spring Rate - Measured 0.440 kg/mm

5.05 mm

Spring Wire Diameter 5.05 mm

496 mm

Set Length 496 mm

15 mm

Standard Preload 15 mm


Fork Oil Weight 5

120 mm

Fork Oil Level 120 mm

2 Litres

Oil Quantity 2 Litres

50mm ID

Showa 50mm ID


Shock Linkage Yes

15 Clicks

Compression Adjuster 15 Clicks

3 1/2 Turns

Compression Adjuster - High Speed 3 1/2 Turns

15 Clicks

Rebound Adjuster 15 Clicks

175 psi

Nitrogen Pressure 175 psi

5 Weight

Shock Oil 5 Weight

128 mm

Shock Travel 128 mm

16 mm

Shock Shaft Outer Diameter 16 mm

12 mm

Shock Shaft Outer Diameter at Valve 12 mm

170 mm

Shock Shaft Chrome Length 170 mm

237 mm

Shock Shaft Overall Length 237 mm

M12 x 1.25

Shock Shaft Nut Thread M12 x 1.25

#48 (1.9mm)

Shock Piston Rebound Bleed #48 (1.9mm)


OEM Spring Colour Yellow

265 mm

Spring Free Length 265 mm

66.6 mm

Shock Spring Large Inner Diameter 66.6 mm

65.8 mm

Shock Spring Small Inner Diameter 65.8 mm

65.6 mm

Shock Collar Large Outer Diameter 65.6 mm

62.9 mm

Shock Collar Small Outer Diameter 62.9 mm

279 mm

Spring Maximum Set Length 279 mm

237 mm

Spring Minimum Set Length 237 mm

5.00 kg/mm

Spring Rate - Measured 5.00 kg/mm