We work on all motorcycles; Road, Race, Motocross, Enduro, Trail, Adventure and fun bikes.

Money Back Valving Guarantee.

When you have your suspension revalved with us, we give you 90 days from the time of invoice to test the settings and have them readjusted to your liking at NO CHARGE. If we can't find a setting you like we will return your suspension to the stock settings and give you a refund for the work.
The FINE PRINT. Our offer excludes the price of consumable parts like seals and bushes and any parts you elect to keep such as springs. That's it!

Change of Owner Policy.

If you purchase a bike that we have re-valved for a previous owner, we can customize it to your valving specification if the settings don't suit you. All you pay for is a service (rebuild) and parts. You are then on a 90 day valving guarantee, as above.

90 Day Warranty on Fork Seals.

We import OEM KYB and SHOWA seals and bushes to give you the best possible seal performance. We go to great lengths to micro polish your fork tubes to get the best possible seal life, and even have secret mods to ensure your seals don't leak. We are so confident that we are the only company to offer a full 90 day seal warranty. No one else comes close.

12 Month Warranty on Shock Seals.

We have designed and manufactured our own seals since 2003, and are so confident they will outlast OEM that we give you a 12 month warranty against leakage.

For a more detailed look at our warranties and guarantees, try our TERMS, CONDITIONS & POLICIES section.