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These are the questions we get asked the most often. If you have a more in depth question, or can't find the answer you need here, you may want to try our TERMS, CONDITIONS & POLICIES section too.



What makes you different to other motorcycle suspension tuners? Why is there such a big price difference between suspension tuners? You all do the same thing don't you?

We have suspension files and specifications going back over 20 years, giving us a huge depth of experience and expertise to draw upon. Every setting (that’s what we call a specific combination of shims, pistons, bleeds and springs) that we have ever done we keep on file to refer back to. They are littered with notes of who used it, what they thought, good or bad, and what setting we tried next, if any.
All that, plus the tuners we know in NZ, the UK, several in the US and Ohlins trackside engineers based in Australia and Sweden that we talk to regularly and in most cases are lucky enough to call our friends.
So you don’t hand your suspension over the counter for someone to take a wild guess... we give you the suspension you've been dreaming of. We guarantee it!


What hours are you open?

We are open Monday to Friday, 8:30am until 5:00pm Australian eastern standard time, and 8:30am – 12:00pm on Saturdays.


What if I live too far away to drop my bike in, or if I can’t get there during normal opening hours?

Workshop hours are flexible to say the least! Give us a call and we can open early or stay back later to fit you in. If you live too far away to drop your suspension off, we will talk to you on the phone about what you are not happy with and estimate the cost to make improvements for you.
Just pull your forks / shock off your bike, wrap them well (check the PACKAGING INSTRUCTIONS) and send them to us via Australia Post or a courier.


I've already had my suspension revalved by someone else, can it be done again?

Determining a suspension setting, in our opinion, is very much up to the interpretation that the suspension tuner makes of the customer’s complaints. There are literally hundreds of ways a pair of forks or shocks can be assembled.
Race teams often revalve many times in one day of testing, chasing the optimum setting. We do this testing with our test riders and then draw on the vast settings bank we have accumulated to give you the setting we believe is best suited to your needs.
We also give you a comprehensive set-up booklet to help you fine-tune for particular circumstances.


My mate Gaz does his own suspension revalving by pulling a few shims out, why should I pay you guys money when Gaz does it in 5 minutes for a six pack of beer?

I'm sure Gaz is talented at bricklaying, but he might be missing a few things when it comes to motorcycle suspensions.
When we rebuild or revalve your suspension, we totally disassemble the forks and shock, inspecting not just for wear, but for faults and quality control issues of the factory assembly. We do so much suspension work that we know all the small tips and cures for each model, so we can advise you on what modifications (such as T-Valve kits or progressive springs) will be necessary to achieve the level of performance you want.
All Gaz can advise you on is beer temperature. Granted this is an important measurement, but will not make you go faster or ride smoother.


I live in South Australia and own a 94 Honda XR 600, it's got an intermittent fault - can you diagnose it over the phone if I hold the phone up to the engine?

This really happens! No, we can't diagnose engine noises or faults over the phone.
But we can tell you that being an XR600 it's probably the stator. We can give you suggestions based on our experience, but ultimately we need to see the bike to correctly diagnose the fault.


What spring rates do I need?

We have just completed Step 3 of our massive online spring rate generator, so if you are looking for springs for a bike, click HERE. Not every single bike in history is there, but the vast majority. If you have something different, you will need to CALL US.


What suspension fluid do you use?

We use Maxima in all our suspension and engine work. We buy in bulk so you get a great suspension fluid at a great price. If you want to supply your own oil you can, and we will discount the job accordingly.


What bike should I buy?

We would love to be able to have time to answer all questions but we can't. Read Transmoto, ADB, AMCN, talk to your mates, talk to your local shops, they will be the people you rely on long after you buy a bike.


Packaging Instructions

Sending your suspension to Teknik is quick and easy. Your suspension should be sent to us as a complete assembly.
Please pressure wash the forks and/or rear shock as fully as possible before removing it from the motorcycle. Wrap the shock or forks separately with heavy layers of newspaper and pack them in a cardboard box or tube.
You may choose to remove your rear shock spring, or to drain your dirty fork oil before sending in your suspension components. Doing so will not change our labour fee, but since you will be shipping a lighter weight package, your freight costs will be reduced.
For any shock work, send us your complete shock and reservoir assembly. Do NOT break any of the reservoir line connections.
Please tell us if the shock has been leaking!
For any extra help or advice, please CONTACT US.


Can't find the answer you need here? You may want to try our TERMS, CONDITIONS & POLICIES section.

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