Capelli Race

New generation low friction fork sealing. Initally for 48mm WP USD forks.

Being tested in some of the harshest conditions Australia has to offer. Ben Grabham has been using Capelli in his practice KTM's. With 20 hours of riding on the east coast and 50 hours of running at Finke coaching clients, he is yet to have a seal leak. Ben will run them until they fail. Seal drag, to Ben, feels comparable to SKF, very low.

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Capelli Race

48mm KYB Fork Seal and Dust Wiper Set 2pc set , Hi performance seal

one oil seal and one dust seal, buy 2 sets for one bike
(SKU: KYB48Capset)
Dust Wiper Inside Diameter d (mm):   48.0
Oil Seal Inside Diameter d (mm):   48.0
Dust Wiper Height H (mm):   9.5
Oil Seal Height H (mm):   4.9
Dust Wiper Outside Ø D1 (mm):   58.2
Oil Seal Outside Ø D1 (mm):   58.7
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