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At Teknik, we're proud to be an authorised dealer for Showa, one of the world’s biggest names in the suspension industry. Since 1938, Showa has been developing suspension parts such as forks, springs and shocks that push the boundaries of innovation and performance. As the sole appointed Showa distributor in Australia, we offer an extensive range of Showa motorbike products, ensuring you have access to the components you need to enhance your bike's handling and performance capabilities. With regular shipments from Showa, we strive to always have a comprehensive stock of genuine factory Showa suspension parts, making us your go-to destination. Download the complete 2023 Showa Motorcycle Suspension Catalogue.

For more background info on Showa Motorcycle Suspension and their rivals KYB, see our technical article as printed in Transmoto Magazine.

What Type of Showa Suspension Parts Do You Sell?

We stock a vast selection of Showa replacement parts, from stock forks & shocks internals to complete racing suspension kits that were previously near-impossible to purchase in Australia. As the nation’s only appointed Showa distributor, we’re always fully stocked with the necessary components to repair or upgrade your bike’s handling and performance capabilities. If we don't have it with bi-weekly shipments from Showa directly, we can get it for you quickly.
Just some of our most sought-after Showa products include:

  • Fork overhaul kits
  • Adjuster parts
  • Oil Seals
  • Dust Wipers
  • Teflon Bushing Rings
  • Showa Front Kit Forks
  • Showa shock shaft parts
  • Piston components
  • Shims and bushes
  • Showa Rear Kit Shock Absorbers

All our genuine Showa suspension parts and tools come with the quality you expect from the world's biggest suspension manufacturer. And you can either purchase them online or near you from our store in Penrith in Sydney’s west. If you’re unhappy with your purchase, simply return it to us within 30 days for a full refund. If you don’t have the required tools and experience to fit your parts, our experienced workshop technicians can handle the installation for you.

What Motorcycle Brands Are Compatible with Showa Motorcycle Shocks?

As a manufacturer with over 80 years of experience, Showa develops suspension parts for many brands of motorbike. Showa produces many performance parts, including Showa front forks and rear coilover dampers for race purposes. That’s why many riders use their parts in competitions such as World Superbike, AIA Road Racing Championship, Motocross World Championship and the Dakar Safari Rally.

At Teknik, we restock products from Showa every two weeks, which is why we almost guarantee to have the part you need in-store and ready to buy online, whether you need Showa fork parts for your Honda or Showa shock absorber parts for your Suzuki. However, some of our most in-demand components are Showa fork spring conversion kits for KTM & Husqvarna air forks.

As motorcycle enthusiasts, we love all motorbikes regardless of make and model. We’re proud to stock quality Showa suspension kits & parts for:

  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • Kawasaki
  • Yamaha
  • KTM
  • Husqvarna

Want to find out whether our Showa 49mm forks will fit on your dirt, trail, motocross or enduro bike? Interested in learning more about how Showa suspension parts can boost your bike’s performance? Browse our product pages for more information or drop us a line.

What Services Does Teknik Provide?

At Teknik, we’ve been a leading supplier of suspension parts, kits and upgrades for motorbikes since 2001. Since then, we’ve expanded our service offering to make us the only contact you need for all requirements related to your bike’s fork & shock handling capabilities. Our workshop services include:

  • Servicing: Want to keep your bike as fast, safe, and easy as possible? If so, you must take maintenance seriously, making regular servicing necessary. This proactive approach minimises long-term repair costs and helps maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of your shock absorbers.
  • Tuning: Looking for a way to make your bike faster, lighter, more agile, and more comfortable? Our tuning service helps you get the most from your riding.
  • Repairs: We can fix any problem with your Showa motorcycle forks or shocks, regardless of complexity or severity. Before assuming you need to completely replace your expensive suspension, find out whether we can restore your Showa OEM suspension to a near-new condition.

Why Choose Teknik Motorsport?

We’ve remained an industry leader for nearly two decades due to our commitment to affordability, reliability, flexibility and customer service. Moreover, we guarantee 100% satisfaction, or we’ll refund you. All our factory Showa suspension parts come direct from Japan, so you can trust the quality and longevity.

If you order Showa suspension parts online before midday, we provide same-day postal service, meaning you can expect your products to arrive within 48 hours Australia wide. Need help with fitting your own Showa springs? No problem. Our expert technicians can do it for you, regardless of where you live.
If you ride around Sydney, you can book an appointment at our workshop. We are the motorcycle suspension experts near you! We always try to be as flexible as possible, so we’re happy to inspect your bike outside business hours where necessary and possible. That’s just one way we demonstrate our commitment to client care.
If you live outside of Sydney and need Showa fork or shock parts repairs, you can simply send your suspension to us via courier, and we’ll have it back to you in no time.

For high-value prices, unrivalled reliability and the most advanced Showa suspension parts on the market, you needn’t look any further than Teknik.

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Showa Genuine Parts

Bump Stop Rubber 12.5 x 35 x 39

12.5mm id x 35mm od x 39mm tall - Showa
(SKU: 22-205-00)
Shock Shaft Ø D (mm):   12.5
Height H (mm):   39.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   35.0
5 In Stock

Showa Genuine Parts

Bump Stop Rubber 14 x 44 x 54

14mm id x 44mm od x 54mm tall - Showa
(SKU: 22-220-00)
Height H (mm):   54.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   44.0
400 In Stock

Showa Genuine Parts

Bump Stop Rubber 14 x 48 x 56

14mm id x 48mm od x 56mm tall - Showa
(SKU: 22-225-00)
Height H (mm):   56.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   48.0
1 In Stock

Showa Genuine Parts

Bump Stop Rubber 14 x 50 x 44

14mm id x 50mm od x 44mm tall - Showa
(SKU: 22-275-00)
Height H (mm):   44.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   50.0
234 In Stock

Showa Genuine Parts

Outer Guide Bush 49 x 15 x 2.0

49mm id x 15mm tall x 2.0mm thick
(SKU: 24-582-00)
Inside Diameter d (mm):   49.0
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   49.0
Height H (mm):   15.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   53.0
Wall Thickness (mm):   2.0
1 In Stock

Showa Genuine Parts

Outer Guide Bush 49 x 20 x 2.0

49mm id x 20mm tall x 2.0mm thick
(SKU: 24-582-01)
Inside Diameter d (mm):   49.0
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   49.0
Height H (mm):   20.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   53.0
Wall Thickness (mm):   2.0
4 In Stock

Showa Genuine Parts

Inner Slide Bush 43 x 20 x 1.0

43mm od x 20mm tall x 1.0mm thick Showa -Single
(SKU: 24-600-00)
Inside Diameter d (mm):   41.0
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   43.0
Height H (mm):   20.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   43.0
Wall Thickness (mm):   1.0
2 In Stock