Adjustable Plug & Play BMW ESA Compatible Shock Absorbers

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Many high-end motorbikes, especially BMW, come equipped with electronic suspension. Adjustable by the touch of a button to the preferred mode, it continuously modifies damping and ride height to the changing road conditions and load. How can it be improved? TracTive Suspension!

Electronic suspension – a new art

Despite how sophisticated it may appear; all original shocks and forks are mass-produced with a compromise between functionality and price. Developed for the average rider, with an average weight and riding style. Based on decades of working with electronic suspension in road racing and off-road applications, TracTive R&D has developed a range of Plug & Play shocks and fork cartridges with superior components and technologies.

At the core of TracTive electronic dampers is the patented Dynamic Damping Adjustment (DDA) valve. Compared to the factory suspension the TracTive DDA valve has a larger adjustment range and adjusts faster, in only 6-10 milliseconds.

TracTive DDA is the world’s fastest valve!

Considering the human brain reacts within 150 milliseconds, you realise what a gamechanger the TracTive DDA valve is compared to all conventional suspension systems. Traction levels in all conditions are vastly improved, maximising the tyre’s contact patch, providing a safer ride and the ability to push your motorbike to limits you wouldn’t have thought possible.

All TracTive electronic products plug in directly to the original connectors. The motorbike’s control unit will not notice a difference, so all safety systems and original functions of the motorbike keep working without errors.