KroozR by Krooztune

100% Australian manufacturing.

Manufacturing the highest quality of aluminium product, Australian company Krooztune founded in 1990 by David Krsevan. As innovating leaders of the motorcycling world, Krooztune have always strived to be ahead of the game in protection and performance.

At their facility in Boronia, Victoria, they manufacture kits to convert WP AER and Showa SFF TAC forks to spring forks as well as other suspension parts designed to improve the tuning of motorcycle suspension.

Being 100% made in Australia, KroozR lowering links are completely made from billet aluminium on CNC equipment. Designed to dramatically lower the rear suspension of your bike, helping the shorter riders to be completely comfortable while also lowering the motorcycles centre of gravity allowing it to handle much better. Coming with everything you need, from all bearings to an instruction sheet, they are the perfect product for giving confidence to the shorter riders.

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