Motorbike Suspension Shocks Complete DIY Overhaul Packs

We stock genuine KYB & Showa shock rebuild kits that include the normal wear items inside a shock, including a bladder, seal head, bumper, piston band and o-rings.


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Motorcycle shock rebuild and service kits

When these parts fail, you can fully rebuild and replace them yourself with the range of shock rebuild kits available at Teknik Motorsports.

It is important to test and rebuild/replace these regularly for a comfortable ride, but there is also a range of other issues that failing parts like this can cause. This can limit your performance whether you are riding on or off-road so you can replace them quickly with our kits to get the most out of your vehicle.

Why is a motorcycle shock rebuild important?

One simple test you can do to test the parts on your motorcycle. Simply push down on the seat and release and it should result in the bike steadily rising back up into place. If the bike overshoots and then starts sinking back then you know they are no longer doing their job and need to be replaced.

You will also notice bad shocks when you are riding as it will not be comfortable and you will feel the impact of every little bump on the road. It is vital to inspect your parts at every oil change to look for any signs of wear or damage or leaks so it doesn't reach this point to being with. The oil breaks down, rubber perishes and splits, bushings score and slowly grind beyond tolerances. On average, your shocks should last you over 100,000kms but only with constant inspection and rebuilds! This is a must, especially if you are putting pressure on this part of your system with extensive off-road riding.

Will replacing them improve ride quality?

Because it is the job of your absorbers and suspension to keep the motorbike stable on uneven surfaces, replacing or rebuilding them is going to deliver a lot of benefits. Not only will you get a smoother ride, even when taking on rough off-road tracks, but you will find more stability when you are braking and accelerating as well.

The benefits go beyond that too. Opting for a motorcycle shock rebuild will dramatically improve your cornering and handling as well, in many cases delivering the same responsiveness that you enjoyed when the bike was brand-new.

You will also improve the life of your tyres and also reduce the wear on other parts and components on your performance motorbike that can be impacted by worn absorbers and suspension. No rattling parts or stressing bolts and brackets.

All of the tools of the trade

Here at Teknik Motorsports, we provide everything you need to repair, service and maintain your vehicle yourself. This includes service manuals and protective clothing as well as bike workshop tools that have been sourced from the biggest and best brands in the business.

You will find all of the parts and components you need in the Teknik Motorsports range that are all sourced from the best brands in the industry so you can be assured of the highest quality, reliability and durability. This includes replacement shock springs, shim tuning kits and much more.

We stock genuine KYB & Showa shock rebuild kits that include the normal wear items inside a shock, including a bladder, seal head, bumper, piston band and o-rings.