PVD / DLC / TiN / Kashima for Front Forks & Rear Shocks


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Front Fork Inner Tube - DLC

DLC Coated Tubes
(SKU: 111004800111-DLC)
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   48.0
Fork Inner Tube Length (mm):   597
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Motorcycle suspension coatings

When you are pushing your bike to the limits on the street circuits, off-road or over long distances, you are opening up the possibility of fast-tracking degradation on important components.

Extreme heat and other elements can cause damage to your bike, which is why we highly recommend our range of titanium nitride coatings to help protect these suspension parts.

Teknik Motorsport offers protective fork tubes that have been scientifically and physically tested in extreme environments and protect your suspension when it matters most. This includes safeguarding your forks, shocks and springs.

Kashima coating fork tubes and more

This was created by the Japanese Miyaki Company and is used by Fox and across the performance industry. It contains molybdenum disulphide, which is combined with an alloy to provide more lubrication, improved smoothness and longevity. They’re also able to resist the hazards of the road, which has traditionally been an issue.

These products will improve your suspension as well. You will notice more consistency and accuracy, super fast response, resisting scratches and other damage caused by road elements. You’ll also be protecting your forks, shocks and suspension and giving them a longer lifespan.

Enjoy a unique look for your bike with a tailored bonding process that these coated forks deliver. The aluminium produces an array of golden brown colours each time, and no two are ever going to look the same. If you don't want this, there is also the option to add a black dye for a minimalistic, sleek finish.

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC)

Is there anything stronger than a diamond? This DLC coating provides the lowest friction level of all and provides an extremely hard surface to protect your suspension components from every factor that can cause damage and wear. This product will resist everything, including high and low temperatures, and even electricity.

Rainbow Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coating

While Kashima and DLC are incredibly durable, they are also dull to look at. That's where Rainbow Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) comes into play. It provides a rich and colourful formula of hard rare-earth metals that is similarly resistant to chips and dings, rust and corrosion, and also reduces friction between suspension components. This is essential for those who like to take their performance motorbikes off the road.

While these products provide enormous protection for your suspension, you should also consider upgrading your shocks and fork parts to the best possible options for your specific bike. Teknik Motorsport stocks the most suitable components from leading manufacturers, presenting you with total control and comfort, no matter the kind of ride you’re looking to achieve.