HiCalibre may be a new brand to you, but our US supplier has decades of motorcycle specific spring manufacturing experience. Our products are HiCalibre as they are sourced from the best spring maker in the US. Custom made and wound to our specifications to meet the tough demands of your motorcycle suspension.

Our range of products is extensive from Aprilia to Yamaha and lots of applications in between. We believe that we have the biggest range of products to suit the widest range of applications. If we don’t have what you want on the shelf, we can look at getting it custom made – even in one-off applications. We just need your specifications.

So why do you need our product anyway? Well, when a motorcycle is manufactured it has to suit every rider. From the shortest/lightest to the tallest/heaviest riders – it must suit them all. Using a conventional spring arrangement, it’s impossible to suit everyone. This means that the original bike manufacturer has to find a compromise; so the spring rates fall somewhere in the middle. This generally means suiting a 75-80kg rider on a full size motorcycle. Not everyone fits neatly into this category, so there is room for improvement.

The correct spring fitment takes into account three factors: the diameter, length, and rate of the spring. The diameter and length are dictated by the design of the suspension components, but the rate is the most important factor when it comes to tailoring a motorcycle suspension to you. If you fall outside the weight range that the original manufacturer has set their bike up for, you need to be fitting HiCalibre springs.

Our distributors can guide you in the best fitment for your ride.

So whether you ride hard on road, track or dirt you can rest easy knowing that you have a HiCalibre product controlling your ride.

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HiCalibre Fork Springs 29.5 x 370

29.5mm od x 370mm free length
(SKU: 19-054)

HiCalibre Fork Springs 30 x 380

30mm od x 380mm free length
(SKU: 19-055)

HiCalibre Fork Springs 31 x 430 (Eibach 913)

31mm od x 430mm free length
(SKU: 19-065)

HiCalibre Fork Springs 38.6 x 420

38.6mm od x 420mm free length
(SKU: 19-106)

HiCalibre Fork Springs 37 x 505

37mm od x 505mm free length
(SKU: 19-110)

HiCalibre Fork Springs 36/38 x 270

36/38mm od x 270mm free length
(SKU: 19-120)

HiCalibre Fork Springs 40.5 x 465

40.5mm od x 465mm free length
(SKU: 19-145)