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48mm KYB Fork Seal and Dust Wiper Set 2pc set , Hi performance seal

one oil seal and one dust seal, buy 2 sets for one bike
(SKU: KYB48Capset)
Dust Wiper Inside Diameter d (mm):   48.0
Oil Seal Inside Diameter d (mm):   48.0
Dust Wiper Height H (mm):   9.5
Oil Seal Height H (mm):   4.9
Dust Wiper Outside Ø D1 (mm):   58.2
Oil Seal Outside Ø D1 (mm):   58.7
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SKF 48mm KYB Fork Seal & Wiper Set

Requires 2 kits for complete fork service.
Colour:   Green
Seal Outer Ø D (mm):   58.42
Seal Height H (mm):   8.5
Seal Wiper Outside Ø D1 (mm):   58.70
Seal Wiper Height H1 (mm):   4.9
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   48.0
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