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Motorcycles only come in one height, yet people come in a wide variety of heights. If you find the bike you wish to buy or have bought is too tall for you, your feet don’t touch the ground or you don’t get a secure footing there are options. Picking up a motorcycle after its fallen over can shatter your confidence in riding, often the answer is fitting a lowering link. KoubaLink have been making lowering links for offroad motorcycles for over 20 years at their production facility in Boise Idaho.

Koubalinks can create a lowered seat height by altering the rear suspension geometry and are often available in a variety of heights. They are machined from billet aluminium by KoubaLink and assembled using OEM quality bearings and seals.

Fitting a linkage is as simple as replacing the stock motorcycle linkage. There are exceptions, the late model KTM 690 needs machining of the linkage to fit the lower option links. If such changes are needed they will be listed on our website and in product instructions.

We are often asked why motorcycles are so tall? Modern offroad motorcycles strive to have high ground clearance and long suspension travel for added offroad ability. The downside is high seat heights. Lowering the motorcycle will also lower the centre of gravity making the bike easier to handle for younger or shorter riders.

FAQ - Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions we receive.

  • How long does it take to install your rear links and do I need any special tools? - In most cases a bike stand/milk crate with the correct size sockets is all that is required and is less than a 30 minute job. Additional time may be required to adjust the rear sag and re-position the front fork tubes. Most links do come with installation instructions and the only special tools that may be required would be a torque wrench and a long punch to loosen/tighten the jam nut on top of the spring when setting the sag.
  • Do you build links for my bike model *******? - All of the links we have available should be listed below. If you don't see a a product you are interested in, please email us, and we'll see if we can accommodate your needs.

PLEASE NOTE: Lowering the front and/or rear of your motorcycle will change the geometry and may affect the handling. Use caution after making changes and adjustments.

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