Chassis & Triple Tree Kits for Motorbike Steering Dampers

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Motorcycle steering damper kits

Anyone who has ever encountered a "speed wobble" on their motorbike knows how terrifying they can be at high speeds. These instabilities or sudden loss of control is not something you want to encounter when in a racing or training environment, or when you are hurtling through rugged terrain while offroading.

Motorcycle steering damper kits are a simple and easy to install package that can help eliminate speed instabilities and other losses of control, all the while making your handling more responsive.

What are steering mounting kits?

Steering dampers operate the same way as shock absorbers do, except for your handlebars. They work by dampening vibrations that come from the road and the surface you are riding on (and sometimes from your bike itself) and prevent them from causing your handling to shake and wobble which can lead to loss of control of your bike.

The damper provides progressive resistance so when you are steering normally, you won't notice any change to the handling of your vehicle. But when there is a sudden jerk or shaking that could impact your steering the dampening will fully engage and bear the brunt of it so that you can stay in control.

You don't need to be a pro

These are an essential safety item for those riding at high speeds but they are also extremely beneficial for all riders. When you are taking your bike offroad, whether it is for competition or recreation, there are all sorts of anomalies on the ground that can cause your steering to wobble in your hands which makes it difficult to control your bike. These kits will help prevent this by providing resistance and stopping the bars from jerking and shaking in your hands.

This can also be very helpful in all road riding activities, even your daily commute. The last thing you want is to lose control when you are in heavy traffic or in difficult riding conditions like heavy rain. Ensure you have steering damper mounting kits readily on hand to keep you in control and in the saddle, when you need it most.

Don't compromise your safety

When it comes to staying in control of your bike, it is important to never take shortcuts. Cheap and nasty components won’t deliver the same level of performance and reliability as quality manufactured materials. You should never place money above safety.

In saying that, you will find the Teknik Motorsport range is available at a highly competitive price point. Get the highest quality and reliable parts at the right place – no matter what kind of riding you are doing.

We stock all of the essentials you require for regular and performance riding, with options available across the board. Choose from steering dampers, lowering links and much more – all sourced from the most reputable suppliers and manufacturers for your complete peace of mind.