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Professional motorcycle lowering kits

Motorbikes only come in one size, which can be a disadvantage for shorter people, while lowering your bike can also open up a world of different options when it comes to recreation and replacement for taller people. By doing this, the centre of gravity is positioned closer to the ground, and you’ll get greater control over your bike. In turn, you’ll receive improved stability, which is highly noticeable when you are competing on-road or offroad. Teknik Motorsport has complete lowering linkages available as kits so you can complete this task yourself.

The benefits of lowering your motorcycle

For many people, lowering a bike is essential for proper operation. We are not all six foot tall and doing this often gives us the best possible sense of accessibility and control.

There is also a range of performance benefits that you can achieve, and the pros far outweigh the cons. A simple 1.5-inch package will move the centre of gravity just enough to deliver far improved stability and handling, for example.

This means greater performance for both road and offroad racing and it is especially beneficial for hill riding, or for stability when you have a passenger riding pillion.

How to DIY

Older standard motorbikes have shocks attached to the swingarm, but most performance vehicles will have linkages installed between the shock and the swingarm. This is designed for greater stability and comfort across all terrain, with a lower unsprung weight and more progressive damping character.

By changing the length of these linkages, you can decrease the level of the seat and the rear of the motorbike. The mount will sit closer to the ground overall.

These linkages and kits are available from Teknik Motorsport and are highly durable. They have been sourced from leading suppliers and manufacturers, allowing for the best possible peace of mind.

Trust your pride and joy with Teknik Motorsport

We have everything you need available at highly competitive price points without any sacrifice in quality.

There are no shortcuts on the way to greatness. We stock the best parts available from the leading manufacturers that will give you a competitive edge and peace of mind – no matter what kind of riding you are doing. Augment your shock absorption with our suspension linkage options, and check out all of our motorcycle tools that you need to get the job done.