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Performance motorcycle suspension upgrades

Your motorcycle’s race suspension system and tuning are the key to a smooth ride, no matter what kind of riding you’re into. Your forks & shocks absorb the rough bumps and corrugations to isolate the chassis & rider from vibration, while keeping the tyre in contact with the road. Our range of quality parts and kits have been sourced from leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring that you always get the very best products on the market.

On top of that, this area of your motorbike dictates your tyres' grip; the better this part of your system is, the more reliable your acceleration, braking, cornering and control are. At Teknik Motorsport we understand the importance of having the right suspension system. We offer individual parts, complete replacement kits, and protective options to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle.

Remain comfortable and in full control, no matter the conditions, by making sure your bike’s suspension is tuned to perform its best.

Hit the track confidently with our motorcycle tuning parts.

It doesn't matter what environments you frequent on your rides; tuned motorcycle suspension is the difference between pure performance and success, and a less-than-desirable experience. We stock a range of quality parts and kits to suit all kinds of applications, from Road to Circuit Racing, Motocross to Enduro, dirt trail riding, freestyle, adventure and even mini bikes for younger enthusiasts.

Experience performance with a motorbike suspension upgrade.

Our range has been sourced from leading OEM & aftermarket brands, ensuring peace of mind that you’re always getting the very best in the game. No matter what components you require, our leading collection delivers premium reliability and quality across:

  • Forks: Your forks are critical and control your steering and braking, so having the best components is vital. Front suspension modifications to change damping behaviour can give big improvements to both rider endurance and lap times.
  • Shock upgrades: Stock systems are designed to be all-rounders, so when you want a specialised option suited to your bike, weight, road conditions and more, you can upgrade to customised solutions that are right for you.
  • Drop-in fork cartridges: Cartridges are a highly cost-effective and simple upgrade for your forks that are easy to install and replace the stock damper rods – perfect for all kinds of performance riding.
  • Replacement coilover shocks: If you start noticing a bumpy ride when rolling over bumps, rocks or surface changes, your shocks may be underperforming. We have a full range of premium adjustable dampers, allowing you to return to riding smoothly in the saddle.
  • Springs: The fork and shock springs are the suspension components that hold up your weight and gear. Are you the same type of person as your bike's factory test rider? If not, ensuring you have the correct rate of performance springs installed is essential. Do you carry a pillion passenger or lots of gear? You need to adjust your spring preload with our spacers or adjusters to compensate.
  • Coatings: Your pride and joy can react faster and look better with our hard friction-reducing performance coatings that will help your machine resist corrosion and environmental damage from stones, dirt, mud and grit. Keep your suspension looking good and performing much better for longer.

Browse our range today, and you can have the parts you need shipped to you or your mechanic in Australia or anywhere in the world. If you need assistance, our team is only a phone call or email away ready to lend a helping hand.