Performance motorcycle suspension upgrades

Your motorcycle’s race suspension system is the key to a smooth ride, no matter what kind of riding you are into. These parts absorb disturbances and debris on the road (or other surfaces) and prevent the chassis or driver from disruption.

On top of that, this area of your motorbike dictates your tyres' grip; the better this part of your system is, the more reliable your grip and control is.

Teknik Motorsport has individual parts, full replacement kits and protective options available to ensure you get the most out of your vehicle. Remain comfortable and in complete control, no matter the conditions.

Hit the track in confidence with our motorcycle tuning parts

It doesn't matter what kinds of environments you frequent on your ride; your suspension is the difference between pure performance and success, and a less-than-desirable experience. We stock a range of quality parts and kits to suit all kinds of applications, ranging from Motocross and street racing, through to Enduro, dirt riding, freestyle, adventure and even mini bikes for younger enthusiasts.

Experience performance with a motorcycle suspension upgrade

Our range has been sourced from the leading manufacturers in the industry, ensuring peace of mind that you’re always getting the very best in the game. No matter what components you require, our leading collection delivers premium reliability and quality across:

  • Forks: Your forks are extremely important and will control your front suspension and braking, so having the best components are vital. If you are experiencing oil leakages, poor performance or want to upgrade to industry-leading replacements, we have plenty of options on hand.
  • Shock upgrades: Stock systems are designed to be all-rounders, so when you want a specialised option that’s suited to your bike, weight, road conditions and more, you can upgrade to customised solutions that are right for you.
  • Drop-in fork cartridges: Cartridges are a highly cost-effective and simple upgrade for your forks that are easy to install and replace the stock damper rods – perfect for all kinds of performance riding.
  • Replacement shocks: If you are starting to notice a bumpy ride when rolling over bumps, rocks or changes in surfaces, then your shocks may be underperforming. We have a full range of premium replacements available, allowing you to get back to riding smoothly in the saddle.
  • Springs: The fork springs and shock springs are the components of your system that holds up your weight and gear. Are you the same type of person as your bike's factory test rider? If not, it’s important to ensure you have the best performance springs installed at all times.
  • Coatings: Your pride and joy can react faster and look better with our hard friction-reducing performance coatings that will help your machine resist corrosion and environmental damage from stones or debris. Keep your suspension looking good and performing much better for longer.

Browse our range today, and you can have the parts you need shipped to your mechanic or any location in Australia. If you need assistance, our team is on hand to help.