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Find aftermarket motorcycle forks of all types

If your motorcycle fork parts become damaged, worn you’re simply looking to upgrade your stock ones, our options give you the very best balance of performance and quality. Teknik Motorsport has all of your upgrade needs covered, ranging from aftermarket options, through to specific makes and models.

All of our parts and components have been engineered to give you the competitive edge – whether you are riding on or off-road. If you’re enduring short sprints, long-distance adventures or Enduro events, we also have all the essentials you need to succeed.

Get the strength and performance to level up your confidence with front motorcycle forks to ensure peak reliability at all times. Keep in complete control over your machine, even under the toughest conditions.

Unlock your bike's potential with front fork upgrades

If you feel like your suspension is acting more like a pogo stick than a road surface dampening system, it might be time for an upgrade. Stock products are often designed to achieve the bare minimum and become jarring and jolting with their bounce on rough or bumpy conditions. If you are looking to get the most precision out of your vehicle, our replacement parts deliver a smoother ride, giving you total traction and control.

For parts that have been engineered and manufactured to exceed expectations, don’t look past our range of upgrades, components and full kits, including:

  • Performance parts: These aftermarket modifications will boost your operations by improving your damper's functions, springs and more. We also have a wide range available for spare parts, if your existing ones have suffered damage or are showing signs of wear and deterioration.
  • Valving kits: Upgrade to valve stacks that can be optimised with your springs to deliver the precision you need in your suspension system. It doesn't matter how good your springs are, without the proper damping valves installed; you won’t get optimal performance. Ensure you have the best of both options on your machine now.
  • Emulator valves: The quickest and most cost-effective method of getting total tuning control over your system. These emulators will take stock damper rod forks and make them perform the same as cartridge forks, with the option to tune them to your preferred settings.
  • T-valves for on and off the road: Control the flow of your oil for better operation and improved steering, control and comfort.
  • Piston rings: Ensure your suspension isn’t leaking vital gases and liquids with rings to seal the entire system.

All of our fork and shocks, springs, and other upgrade parts are designed to deliver best-in-class reliability and durability. We've also worked hard to offer our collection at a competitive rate so that you can get the most performance out of your motorcycle at all times. Each product can be shipped anywhere in Australia, allowing you to get your needs delivered to your mechanic's door or your own home.