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Twin Shocks – Everything You Need to Know

Twin shock refers to vehicles with two absorbers fitted on each side of the rear of the bike. This generally refers to a particular era and style – usually vintage motorcycles.

The distinction between twin and single shock (which sees a motorcycle with a monoshock rear suspension connecting the rear swing-arm to the frame) is important to note, as it provides the classes used in vintage motorcycle competition. Twin set-ups are most frequently used when describing off-road motorcycles.

What are Motorcycle Twin Shocks?

The role of the shock absorber is to keep your bike’s tyres in a perpetual state of contact with the road, which maximises grip and supports you when turning corners and coming to stops.

This technology is specifically made for people who use their bike to carry commercial loads. With two absorbers at the rear on each side, riders can expect an overall better quality ride and load-carrying ability. It’s also helpful in managing the motorcycle’s total weight, including the load.

The two shock absorbers carry more weight compared to a single absorber. In addition to this, a twin set-up provides superior control, due to the fact that the bike is twice as strong in dampening the road shocks, as opposed to a bike with only one shock.

Generally speaking, twin set-ups are extremely effective in situations where roads are uneven. The fact they bolt directly between the frame and swingarm make them robust and easier to troubleshoot. Read on to find out more about their benefits, and what to do when they start to wear out.

Why Do Motorcycles Need Spring Shockers?

Simply speaking, these are large hydraulic shock absorbers with internal coil springs. They allow the wheels to react to imperfections in the road whilst isolating the rest of the motorcycle from that motion.

Which Size Should I Get?

If your stroke is 2″, your max spring free length is 130mm and your spring rate is 450lbs. In this case, you’ll want a spring that is 2.25″ x 450Lbs x 125mm.

Don’t forget, in the event that you don't see a spring with the exact stroke for what you need, use a spring with a longer stroke, as long as the free length will fit.

What Happens if I Don't Replace Them?

When struts begin to wear out, the ability to control your bike may become compromised, resulting in a much less comfortable ride. In addition, failing struts can affect other parts of your bike. This can lead to further costly repairs or replacements, so it is vital to replace these regularly.

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