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Motorcycle performance links and pull rods

To get the smoothest ride out of your sports bike, link-type rear suspensions offer a raft of benefits. Instead of having your shocks bolted straight onto the swingarm, this system involves a pair of levers to connect the shock to the swingarm.

Standard shock systems are going to provide the same level of absorption no matter what bump you hit, but having these performance links means you get a smooth ride over small bumps and stronger damping over bigger hazards. This makes performance links extremely beneficial for those that are hitting rough terrain with their riding, whether you are a professional rider or just enjoy taking your motorbike off-road on the weekends.

Through the use of aftermarket pull rods and motorcycle performance links, there’s also plenty of benefits for road races. Former US Grand Prix champion Frederick "Fast Freddie" Spencer credits his success to the links he used in his 250cc and 500cc Grand Prix victories – for example.

What are the benefits?

Most people think of rear links as just for lowering, but these links don't get you much lower. What they do is change the rear suspension geometry specifically for better grip and control - and are designed to take the harshest punishment due to their CNC milled alloy bodies.

Instead of having bumps managed or mitigated, you get an all-round better feeling of stability and predictability from your suspension. These aftermarket links or pull rods allow you to have more confidence through a more controlled pitching character and you will get a more predictable damping curve while riding as well. You will also notice a reduction in deep stroke harshness and hook as well as overall improvements in chassis balance.

This suspension linkage gives the rear suspension a more progressive action than standard rear shock linkages, gives you much-improved traction on any surface and also gives you excellent bottoming resistance which makes them the perfect addition to the performance machine of any enthusiast, whether you are a weekend warrior or a full-time competitor.

Why your suspension is so important

When it comes to getting the most out of your machine, stock shocks won’t cut it. When you are trying to get the most out of yourself and your motorbike, your shocks and suspension are highly important in every facet of riding.

Having the right suspension system is not only going to deliver a more comfortable ride, but it is also going to give you more control over your vehicle. As a result, you’ll achieve improved handling, delivering safety improvements in turn. Hit downhills, tracks and roads with more confidence, go offroad knowing your bike is equipped to handle the job and hit the roughest of roads with more stability, traction and comfort than ever before.

Upgrade your ride now

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