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Motorcycle tools and accessories in Australia

Whatever you need for your workshop, you will find it in our range here at Teknik Motorsport. From simple clamps, nuts and bolts through to the most advanced and specific tools on the market, we have everything needed to ensure your performance machine is running to the highest of standards.

Like all of our parts and components, our products are sourced from the best suppliers on the planet and come with strong reputations for being durable and reliable. So whether you are operating a home garage for servicing your personal vehicle or a commercial garage for servicing, maintaining and repairing performance machines, our range will meet your every need.

Bike workshop tools – oil and lubricants

An essential part of servicing your motorbike is ensuring the fluid and lubrication levels are always kept high and refreshed regularly. We stock the highest performing suspension fluids and lubricants on the market and bulk options are available. We also stock grease, chain lube sprays, prep sprays and much more.

All of our oils have been industry-tested and of the highest standards, so ensure you have the full range of fluids on hand so you never run the risk of damaging your motorbike by running low.

Specialist bike workshop essentials

When you need a precise tool for a specific component on your motorbike we have everything you need, including rear hub essentials, WP shock regassing resources, fork spring compressors, compression adjusters, top cap wrenches, damper rod holders and so much more.

Service manuals

Have you lost, misplaced or damaged the service manual for your performance motorbike? We have specialised manuals for specific makes and models as well as for certain components to make servicing, maintaining and repairing your machine much easier.

If there are any specific service manuals you need and you don’t see it listed here, speak to our team and we will do everything we can to source it for you through our network.

Check out our range of clothing

As well as all of the accessories, parts and components for your motorcycle, we also stock a range of stylish and practical clothing options including hoodies, jackets, backpacks, polo shirts, oil aprons, raincoats and caps. We also stock mats and carpets for your workshop area, all made to the same high standards as the rest of our range.

This range of clothing has been designed to be tough and resistant to stains and damage as well as looking great.
If you are looking at major upgrades or repairs on your machine we stock everything you need in terms of replacement parts and also complete kits as well. Check out our range which includes shock rebuild kits, steering dampers and so much more for your vehicle.