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Unit 4 / 5 Harford St
Jamisontown (Penrith)
NSW 2750


Phone 02 4732 2626
Mon to Fri 8.30am - 5.30pm
Sat - Only by Appointment
(Please call first as we may be away at an event)

Our workshop is fully licensed with the MVRIC and MTA with experienced mechanics who are motorcycle enthusiasts. Teknik is setup for suspension workshop service with 4 shock and fork dynamometers and two spring dynamic testers.

We regularly deal with jobs from all over Australia (and even beyond) and we have a huge database of settings and years of experience from our motorsport involvement to help you get exactly what you want out of your bike.


Money Back Valving Guarantee.

When you have your suspension revalved with us, we give you 90 days to test the settings and adjust to your liking at no charge. If we can't find a setting you like we will return your suspension to the stock settings and give you a refund for the work.

Offer excludes price of consumable parts like seals and bushes and any parts you elect to keep such as springs.

Change of Owner Policy.

If you purchase a bike that we have re-valved for a previous owner, we can customize it to your valving specification if the settings don't suit you. All you pay for is a service (rebuild) and parts. You are then on our 90 day money back valving guarantee.

90 day fork seal WARRANTY

We import OEM KYB and SHOWA seals and bushes to give you the best possible seal performance. We go to great lengths to micro polish your fork tubes to get the best possible seal life, and even have secret mods to ensure your seals don't leak. 

We are so the only company to offer a full 90 day seal warranty. No one else comes close.


We have designed and manufactured our own seals since 2003, and are so confident they will outlast OEM that we give you a 12 month warranty against leakage.

General Suspension

Bike to Rider Suspension Set-Up

Part No. 13-000-01

Remove & Refit Motorcycle Suspension - MX Bike

MX Bike
Part No. 13-001-00
Teknik Motorsport

Remove & Refit Motorcycle Suspension - Road Bike

AUD $299.20
In Stock
Part No. 13-001-01

Remove & Refit Motorcycle Suspension - Trail Bike

Trail Bike
Part No. 13-001-02

Remove & Refit Motorcycle Suspension - BMW R Series

BMW R Series
Part No. 13-001-03
Teknik Motorsport

Remove & Refit Motorcycle Suspension - BMW K Series

AUD $1,309.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-001-04
Teknik Motorsport

Test Fork or Shock Spring Rate

AUD $33.66
In Stock
Part No. 13-006-00

Shorten or Lengthen Side Kick Stand

Part No. 13-022-00
Teknik Motorsport

Trackside Service with Support Vehicle

AUD $1,496.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-060-00

Steering Damper Overhaul

Part No. 14-435-00

Fit Suspension Linkage Bearing Kit

Part No. 14-451-00

Fit Swingarm Bearing Kit

Part No. 14-453-00

Remove & Refit Road Steering Head Bearings

Part No. 14-460-00

Fork Servicing & Tuning

Teknik Motorsport

Strip Motorcycle Forks

AUD $56.10
In Stock
Part No. 13-004-00
Teknik Motorsport

Motorcycle Fork Service

AUD $252.45
In Stock
Part No. 13-008-00

Motorcycle Fork Service - Twin Chamber Forks

Twin Chamber Forks Only
Part No. 13-008-01

Motorcycle Fork Service - Damper Rod Forks

Damper Rod Forks Only
Part No. 13-008-02

Motorcycle Fork Service - Restoration (15+ years)

For Forks over 15 years old
Part No. 13-008-03

Motorcycle Fork Service - Oil Change Only

Fork Oil Change Only
Part No. 13-008-04
Teknik Motorsport

Fork Revalve & Service

AUD $467.50
In Stock
Part No. 13-012-00

Fork Revalve & Service - Road/Race

For Road/Race Applications
Part No. 13-012-01
Teknik Motorsport

Fit Fork Cartridge Kit Ohlins/Andreani/Tractive/YSS/Bitubo/WP

AUD $317.90
In Stock
Part No. 13-012-02

Fork Revalve & Service - Plus Lowering

Includes Fork Lowering
Part No. 13-012-03

Fork Revalve & Service - Plus V4s Valves

Include V4s Valve Fork Kit Fitting
Part No. 13-012-04

Fork Dyno Testing & Valving

Part No. 13-012-05
Teknik Motorsport

Shorten & Re-Rate Fork Springs

AUD $84.15
In Stock
Part No. 13-019-00

Fit Fork Springs to Forks (Off Bike)

While Forks are Off the Bike
Part No. 13-034-00

Fit Fork Springs to Forks (On Bike)

While Forks are On the Bike
Part No. 13-035-00

Shock Servicing & Tuning

Teknik Motorsport

Strip Motorcycle Shock

AUD $56.10
In Stock
Part No. 13-005-00
Teknik Motorsport

Motorcycle Shock Absorber Service

AUD $264.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-010-00
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Absorber Service - KTM & Husaberg WP PDS

AUD $261.80
In Stock
Part No. 13-010-01
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Absorber Service - Non-Rebuildable Shocks

AUD $411.40
In Stock
Part No. 13-010-02
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Absorber Service - Restoration (15+ Years)

AUD $374.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-010-03
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Absorber Service - Oil Change Only

AUD $130.90
In Stock
Part No. 13-010-04
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Absorber Service - Vacuum Bleed & Gas Charge

AUD $37.40
In Stock
Part No. 13-010-05
Teknik Motorsport

Twin Shock Absorber Service

AUD $330.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-010-06
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Revalve & Service

AUD $495.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-014-00
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Revalve & Service - WP PDS

AUD $495.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-014-01
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Revalve & Service - Honda XR650R

AUD $522.50
In Stock
Part No. 13-014-02
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Revalve & Service - Plus Lowering

AUD $517.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-014-03
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Revalve & Service - Non-Rebuildable Shocks

AUD $654.50
In Stock
Part No. 13-014-06
Teknik Motorsport

Re-Gas Shock Only

AUD $37.40
In Stock
Part No. 13-021-00
Teknik Motorsport

Shock Seal Case Overhaul - Non-Rebuildable Shocks

AUD $37.40
In Stock
Part No. 13-025-00
Teknik Motorsport

Fit Shock Spring to Shock Absorber

AUD $37.40
In Stock
Part No. 13-030-00
Teknik Motorsport

Service Shock Spring Preload Adjuster

AUD $140.25
In Stock
Part No. 13-045-00
Teknik Motorsport

Dyno Test Shock - Roehrig Shock Dyno

AUD $140.25
In Stock
Part No. 13-050-00

Suspension Packages

Teknik Motorsport

Suzuki DR650 Exchange re-valved serviced shock

AUD $469.99
In Stock
Part No. 13-014-07
Teknik Motorsport

Yamaha XT660Z Tenere Exchange shock

AUD $469.99
In Stock
Part No. 13-014-08
Teknik Motorsport

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Exchange shock (non ATAS)

AUD $469.99
In Stock
Part No. 13-014-09
Teknik Motorsport

Yamaha T700 XTZ690 Tenere Exchange re-valved serviced shock

AUD $469.99
In Stock
Part No. 13-014-10
Teknik Motorsport

KTM 1090 1190R Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1

AUD $1,204.50
In Stock
Part No. 13-1190R-STG1
Teknik Motorsport

Africa Twin Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1

AUD $1,595.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-CRF1000L-STG1
Teknik Motorsport

CRF300L and 300 Rally Suspension upgrade package

AUD $2,586.99
In Stock
Part No. 13-CRF300
Teknik Motorsport

DR650 Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1

AUD $1,518.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-DR650-STG1
Teknik Motorsport

DR650 Suspension Upgrade - Stage 3

AUD $2,200.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-DR650-STG3
Teknik Motorsport

DRZ400E S and SM Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1

AUD $1,495.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-DRZ400-STG1
Teknik Motorsport

KLR650 Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1

AUD $1,395.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-KLR650-STG1
Teknik Motorsport

MT09 Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1

AUD $1,495.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-MT09-STG1

WR250R Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1

Upgraded Fork & Upgraded Standard Shock
Part No. 13-WR250R-STG1

You get a full Fork service and revalve. Plus a full Shock service, revalve and a new shock spring for your weight too. All dyno tested.
Teknik Motorsport

XT660Z Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1

AUD $1,200.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-XT660Z-STG1
Teknik Motorsport

XT660Z Suspension Upgrade - Stage 2

AUD $1,495.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-XT660Z-STG2
Teknik Motorsport

XT660Z Suspension Upgrade - Stage 3

AUD $2,395.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-XT660Z-STG3
Teknik Motorsport

Full suspension setup for Tenere 700

AUD $1,895.00
In Stock
Part No. 13-XTZ690-01
Teknik Motorsport

Andreani Fork Cartridge & TFX 142 Adjustable Shock Tenere 700

AUD $2,977.70
In Stock
Part No. 13-XTZ690-02
Teknik Motorsport

Tractive Extreme sealed Cartridge & Extreme shock Tenere 700

AUD $4,540.43
In Stock
Part No. 13-XTZ690-03

K-Tech ORVS fork kit and shock kit Tenere 700 including springs

AUD $1,893.94
In Stock
Part No. 13-XTZ690-05

DR650 Suspension Upgrade - Tractive Ex-CITE shock and Platinum Valve and fork springs

Upgraded Fork & new 1 way adjustable Tractive Shock
Part No. 13-DR650-STG2

Uses the same amazing fork modifications as our stage 1 package, but coupled with an adjustable Tractive rear shock. This emulsion shock also has amazing performance, but includes rebound adjustability.
Teknik Motorsport

KLR650 Suspension Upgrade - Stage 2

AUD $1,698.40
No Stock
Part No. 13-KLR650-STG2


Joe Alberts | Suzuki V-Strom DL650 Handling & Suspension Tuning

Hi Nick,
I have been riding a week now.

It indeed feels like a completely different bike. Somehow the bike feels smaller and much easier to control. I easily manage a much smaller turning circle and feel much more secure in corners. This may be my imagination but the bike takes off faster and accelerates faster - is this the stiffer springs not compressing as much?

The ride feels both firmer and less bumpier. This is my only negative. The ride feels harsher - like driving my mates Porsche after my Xtrail - but handles bigger bumps much better.

All in all I am a happy camper.

Hi Joe,
That's good overall. I'm a little concerned about the feel. If it bothers you there is a good range of adjustment in the shock damping. In time the shock will naturally soften and you will get used to the more taught feel. Let me know if you ever want to drop in so I can change it for you, takes 2 minutes.

Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated.

Glenn Batho | Honda XR650R Safari Suspension and Engine Tuning

It was a hard riding pogo stick that thumped the wrists and landed off jumps like an elephant and had no drive just heaps of wheelspin, front washing out bad turning beat-you-up bike that had it all there and it just needed to be found.

Nick, you turned it from the above to:
Now it is a nimble quick turning plush riding very predictable bike that goes where it is pointed. Chalk and cheese to what it was even after anther guy did a revalve. Good thing we did it when we did as the nut in the shock was on by just 3 threads.
It has a good inch and a quarter more height over all front and rear.

Open the throttle and it has stopped the wheel spin it used to do now it wants to go forward and wheelie so throttle control is more the deal. No pumper carb needed.
Sliding it is very predictable and the part where it wants to go out from under me has gone and it wants to go forward instead of the rear wanting to pass the front. When I push on the seat right at the lowest part both front and rear go up and down at the same level and speed. It feels like a Moto-crosser when sitting on it with the rear up and nose down just how I like it.
No head shake at speed, very stable.

Draw back is the side stand needs to be lengthened as with the standard height stand the bike is just about falling over, right on the balance point on flat ground.
When I was talking to the guy who did it he asked what type of riding do I do? All sorts, single track to riding the desert, so he said we will set it up the same as the bike that won the Aussie Safari.
Ya got me!

A few days later Nick phoned and asked me how tall I was and it came back like this.
Another draw back is I have to learn to ride it all over and get my head around the things it used to do when it would bite me. To Nick, thank you for sorting this bike out for me, you do know your stuff.

Greg Katis | We sponsor Greg's two boys - Matt & Drew Katis

Started putting the motor back together on Friday, wasn’t until Saturday afternoon with many interruptions that I managed to complete, fill up fluids etc around 2pm. Had to go out, returned and coolant all over floor from YZ.
Tightened hoses, check bolts, drain plug but noticed it coming from weep hole on water pump. Looked online and checked out number of bearings and seals then took a calculated risk that if I blocked the hole the oil seal would prevent coolant going into the oil. Didn’t have many other options as all shops closed, needed to race.

The only thing between Matt winning overall was the bike so I had sleepless night and concerned at the track. Ran bike in at practice, checked coolant and oil, no loss and no mixing. Then checked again after 1st race, still OK, ran trouble free all day.
Brought the old YZ250 just in case in the end needed to swap rear brake pedal after racing incident in race 2 when Matt and another got tangled, Matt kept it upright.

In between this YZ bike build, the sump plug stripped when changing oil on the CRF, found longer bolt, needed thread tape, tightened and seemed OK but had me worried all day. Need to retap or helicoil sometime soon. In the end no problems.

AB&C lites all raced together yesterday, I was worried when the boys lined up side by side for start of race 2. Had to give team orders if they took each other out I would not be happy!

Drew’s fastest lap time has gone from 2:02 down to 1:57 yesterday. Boy was on fire! He was 9th going into this final round and ended up in 5th and a trophy. There are only few faster riders (maybe 2) than him in clubman lites but he has now distanced himself from the rest of pack. Start of the year he was lucky if in top 10.

All over for another year. Thanks again.
Only one place to go, Teknik!

Rod Williams | Honda XR650R Suspension & Engine Upgrades

Thought I'd send you a quick letter of appreciation. I've put about 3000 k's on the big girl now and I couldn't be happier.
The torque is so impressive and the bike rides so smooth. The combo of mods you come up with and the set up transformed my XRR.

Everyone who has ridden my bike was very impressed . Fitting the Moriwaki exhaust soon so I will be in touch for another tune.
Thanks again Nick and all the team at Teknik.

Garry McIntosh | Triumph Speed Triple Suspension Tuning

Hello Teknik,
Just some positive feedback, the Speed Triple now handles. I took it for a punt through Burringbar Range and it is good, bloody good. Thank you very much, and good work.
I'm a happy customer.

Mark Smith | BMW R1150GS Shock Absorber Tuning & Rebuild

G'day Teknik,
Fitted the shock without any problems. Had a chance to ride it today, did a quick return trip to Bowen of 200kms, road conditions from about 3 kms of good Tarmac, the rest a fine example of tar repairs going back to the 1960's.

I've been riding my Aprilia lately, and a return to the 1150GS was very different, but I noticed my corner speeds were a lot quicker!
In controlled conditions of course, I caught up with a Fireblade and we had a great trip back home. A young bloke in alpine star one-piece leathers on a current Fireblade couldn't catch an old fat bastard on a BMW. Testament to great suspension over horsepower.

The difference in my bike is unbelievable, high speed lumps and potholes, gravel and dirt on the roads from roadworks, ripples, patches and bloody great drop offs were handled with total unconcern and total security in the bike's new handling prowess.
I was going to sell this bike, but the handling is that improved that I'll now keep her for the longer rides. You have done a fine job on my shocky, at a very good price. I've been telling everyone I meet how good you people are.

John Morasutti | Suzuki DR650 Complete Suspension Package

I have had this package installed by Nick and I cannot believe the difference it has made. Highly recommend this to anyone, especially if you haven't got a PhD in suspensions or the time and patience to research on the Internet (unlike some on this and other forums).

Go see Nick, tell him what sort of riding you do, and he will get you sorted with a minimum of fuss and hassle free.
Too bloody easy. You will not regret it.

Robert Waite | CRF1000L Africa Twin Suspension

Guys at Teknik suspension -
I received my forks back in Cairns.
Installed and adjusted as per your instruction.

Results impressive.
Brake dive exceedingly less noticeable, no tracking problems into corners now, a more confident ride. Different bike really.

Very pleased to have had your workmanship involved, along with quality follow up and communication.

Matthew Vasilescu | Yamaha Tenere XT660Z Suspension Package

Having had my Tenere 660 for around 2 years and put a mere 15,000klm on it under my ownership I finally came to the biggest decision for the bike. It was time to do something about the less than stella factory suspension. Now I’m not the worlds best adv rider and I didn’t think I would feel all that different on the bike.

I was wrong, what a different feeling it had as soon as it went out of the driveway. Even my saddle sensor could tell things were going to be very different, the front end dive had disappeared. The usual wallow over the smallest of bumps was gone, no longer did I feel speed humps 50 meters after the event.
When it came to dirt and anything of a serious nature the bike lost it’s pogo stick nature.

To say I’m pleased with the results would be an understatement, it’s the best money you can spend on your Tenere besides all the shiny pretty bits of course.

Gregg Farebrother | MotoGuzzi EV80 full suspension set-up front and rear

I would just like to thank you & your guys for the fantastic job done on the suspension of my Moto Guzzi EV-80. I have taken my wife for 900km trip with gear since and the bike was supremely comfortable. The spring and shock valving rates your technicians chose for the combined weights I supplied, was perfect: supple yet firm, not a millimeter of deviation from the chosen line, whatever the surface. To say that I am satisfied is putting it mildly, both she and I am rapt! The bike is transformed from a wobbly, stale cruiser to something that performs way above the level I (and surrounding riders) would expect.
I have not even had to alter the pre-load settings, I had a little fiddle and it felt best back at the settings just as it came out of your workshop.
Bloody good job! I'll be back!

Lou Molina | CRF450X Motocross Suspension Tuning

Dear Nick,
I received my suspension back this afternoon 3 days after sending it! Considering that I am in the mountains on the north coast of NSW that is excellent service! Thanks very much.
Sarah emailed me the moment she received the forks and shock and Ben detailed the fine tuning carried out on my suspension.

I am very happy with the level of customer service from all your team. Thank you Teknik!

Peter Payne | Yamaha XT1200ZE Super Tenere Suspension Tuning

Hi Nick,
The modifications to the XT1200 suspension works.
I left the rear as you had delivered it, increased the spring pre-load on the front by three marks, and the balance for me, was very good.

Once it had bedded in after a couple of hours riding, the difference in composure, steering precision and off road ability was really noticeable. The downhill, and at times uphill drainage humps were no longer a thing to brake hard for and grit the teeth!
Rear traction on rocky uphills, and inside corner cross ruts from water run off was very good. As you know those inside corner cross ruts cause havoc for shaft drive big bikes, and it was great to not have to worry about the rear bouncing all over the place.

Thanks for your assistance with this project, as it has changed the character of the bike for the better.
Images of the bike attached are from the weekend's Old Bulls Adventure ride.

Chris Konecny | Yamaha WR450 Suspension Revalve and Tuning

Doctor Nick,
Had several rides on my 450 with your modified suspension. I haven't even played with the clickers yet, and have noticed a significant (read: Fantastic) improvement in ride quality. Very confidence inspiring. Just goes to show you don't have to be Shane Watts to appreciate great suspension. Thank you very much.

Steve Sherwood | TM 450 - Marzocchi 50mm Forks Tuning

Initial contact - Nick Dole was very approachable, patient and knowledgable. I quickly felt he knew what he was talking about and understood what I was after, and was happy to answer all my questions.

Getting the job done - Again no problems, very helpful, can't find fault anywhere.

First ride - Definite improvement although I felt it tracked poorly up loose rocky hills. Read the handy 'suspension setup tips' from Teknik and adjusted the shocks and it's much better. Now quite happy with the complete package.

Post sales support - This is one of your major strengths which make you a stand out operation. I have had some ongoing issues with seals leaking (suspect batch issues) and have been calling once a week. I almost cringe at being one of those customers a business can't shake but EVERY time you guys have been more than happy to assist and NOT ONCE have you tried to walk away or shift blame. Dale has been a true champion, his customer service on the phone and ensuring the forks are fixed and returned within 3 days ensuring I don't miss a weekend event. This is absolute magic and I can't recommend you guys highly enough in the paddock.

Keep up the good work!

Sprocket Coglan | Suzuki SV650, Triumph Thruxton, Ducati Monster S4R - Road and some track

Why go to a suspension specialist I hear you say? If you had to have open heart or brain surgery done on your self, or someone special in your life, would you go to a GP or an experienced specialist? Doesn't take much thought.

As your suspension set up is critical to not only lap times at the track but also safety and comfort on the road, I am very happy with the results that I have had from my suspension specialist and his team at Teknik Racing. I can recommend them whole heartedly.

I have been riding bikes for more than 38 years now and over this time have had many brands of road and trail bikes and covered a lot of miles/kilometers.
My first introduction with Nick was in about 2001 when I got hooked on trackdays on my then naked SV650 which needless to say was limited in the handling department with only rear spring pre load adjustments. Nick assessed bike and rider at the shop and then we went through the options of what I was trying to achieve and what was available. The front was easy correct springs valving as far as possible and emulators. The rear I ended up with an Ohlins. The thing that I liked was not being recommended down the most expensive route and Nick advised to think before buying the Ohlins due to cost of the shock and cost of the bike, but I opted for the Ohlins. To say that the bike was transformed was an understatement! This was the first bike that I had ridden that was actually set up with the suspension working properly. I had never had a bike working correctly previously so I never knew what it was to have a bike come down evenly when braking and then have it rise equally when accelerating out of corners, instead of see-sawing. The confidence that this inspired allowed me to initially drop around 10 seconds a lap at eastern creek (I was still learning the track, etc) and to me it did not feel that I was trying any harder than with the standard set up. I do not kid myself that I am or probably ever will be quick, but I do want to be able to go as fast and as safe as I possibly can.

My second bike that Nick dealt with was a ZX6 track bike that was handling like a dog, very harsh to ride and twitchy into turn one at the creek. Again Nick and his crew fixed it.
The next bike to receive the Teknik attention was my Triumph Thruxton which was harsh and jolting to ride on the road, this also was fixed with very noticeable results.

Current project is sorting out a Ducati Monster S4R for the track and whilst the standard suspension may be OK for the road it definitely wasn't anywhere near right for the track even for an average at best, rider like myself.

We can't all be record setters or race winners but at least we can set up our bikes to be the best that they can and then we can safely try to improve our times or just our riding pleasure with the help of the Teknik team.

Lyndon Heffernan | Yamaha WR250F/WR450F - Multiple Times Australia Champion - Director of the Yamaha Academy of Off Road Riding and Detour Trail Tours

Teknik provides what the customer needs not what they want to sell you! If he can fix your suspenders cheaply and know you will be happy he will do it, if you ride a rod box and it needs special parts he will put them in if you are up for the extra cost of having the best.
If you want to be told how fast you are and how to spend a fortune getting your bike right then go elsewhere!

The mods Teknik have done to our 2007-2012 Yamaha WR forks transformed the front end and makes it into a great handling bike for $500.
Good honest service and years of knowledge! Nick knows his shit and thats why we use him.
Before the WR mods fork performance was Ok when new, but the forks went mushy real quick and although they worked OK on small stuff, big hits and sharp bumps transferred lots of jolts through to the wrists as there was just not the progression required to slow the fork travel up for anyone other than a 40kg beginner, the WR fix kit makes a more progressive damping curve and consistent performance, just what the fork needed!

Michael Haines | Triumph 675 Daytona Suspension - street and some track

Hi Nicholas,
Have just refitted forks and taken bike for a ride and would like to thank you and the boys in the work shop for the excellent job you did on re-valving and springing my forks. The front of the bike feels fantastic over bumps and is very confidence inspiring.

Pretty rarely do I get such a significant improvement in overall performance for the money spent. ($823.50 in total)

Thanks again

Tim Arnold | Yamaha XJ750 Forks and Engine running issues

Hey Nick,
If you remember my evil '82 Yamaha XJ750... I'm assuming so; you haven't had enough time to repress those memories yet.

Your end result is great. The front shocks look fantastic and are working well. You have cured the starting and plug fouling problems and the bike can now be used! I have a 'flat spot' about 4500 - 6000 rpm (which is nothing to do with the work you guys did), but after 7000 it hoots! Far better than I expected a bike of that vintage to do actually.

In short I am very happy with a vastly improved old bike. I can actually use it without worrying about safety or break downs and cantankerous starting. I was immensely impressed with you and your teams professionalism and the way you approached any problems with a "fix it" attitude.

If I ever win lotto and can afford a race team I will bring worth while work to you. Until then, thank you for doing the work that I could afford. And doing it well.

Craig McMartin | Ducati 1098/1198 S & R - Pro Twin and ARRC Superbike classes Multiple National Champion

I got my 1098S two days before racing it for the first time in Adelaide. I went to the track with standard suspension and Nick revalved it at the track, and I won all 3 race's and broke the lap record first time out with Nick's suspension. We also broke the lap records at all the tracks Nick was helping at.
Teknik have now become a permanent part of the Craig McMartin/Ducati racing effort with the 1098R in Superbike. (2007/2008 seasons)

Kathy Chambers | Honda CBR 600F4i Suspension Lowering & Tuning

Thanks for the fantastic job that you did on my suspension. Your advice and recommendations were excellent and the bike is riding like a treat and I can now get both feet on the ground.

Once again thanks for a great job and making my riding experience even better.

Matthew Hughes | Kawasaki KX250F front brakes

Hi Nick,
I'd like to thank you and your team at Teknik for the work you carried out on the bike last week and for your patience and persistence with regard to answering my queries about the performance of my front brake.

You really went above and beyond what was required to explain and prove to me about the inefficiencies of the system and I really appreciate all that you did. I feel like I have a much better understanding now because of Teknik Motorsport.

Thanking you!

Michael Phillips | Yamaha YZ250F Full MX Pro Lite set-up - #1 NZ Pro Lite & #5 2007 Australian MX Pro Lite

I went into the 2007 Australian MX Nationals as one of the top Pro Lite privateers and was looking for something that would help me compete with the factory guys.

Suspension was the first thing I looked at. I had worked with Teknik the year before as part of their KX250F satellite team and liked what they did.
In 2007 the guys at Teknik sorted out the harsh ride of the Yamaha YZ250F and gave me the set up I needed to finish 5th in the Pro Lite class. Cheers!

I need a good suspension guy in the UK! The set up we have is crap. SXS suspension was supposed to be good but I've forgotten what good suspension feels like!

Michael Geoghegan | Ducati 900SS Showa Forks & Ohlins Shock Tuning

G'day Nick,
Just letting you know how the revalved and resprung forks you did for my Ducati 900SS are going.

When I initially put them on with your set up in regards to rebound and compression, they were a tad stiff and I was happily tank slapp'n over the bumps. I wound everything back to zero and slowly increased the settings, I have found 4 clicks on compression and 3 on rebound to be a good all round setting, sort of a general purpose setting so to speak. I have also found that the forks are very sensitive; in regards to giving a tweak through the adjusters as the road and riding conditions change, for example going up the old pacific highway I have the forks fairly soft for feedback and they work brilliantly, as I ride through more open roads, faster sweepers etc, I go up a few clicks on each end of the forks and the effect is also brilliant. I have also noted that the forks get better with pace. I would say that the Teknik springs are so much better than the OEM Ducati springs.

The only concern I have with the forks is that 75% of the adjustment; i.e. compression and rebound will be inaccessible to me as it is just too hard but that's no big deal as I have found that the 25% that I have gives me all the adjustment range I need. It should be noted that I think Ducatis have strange front ends anyway and god knows what my sag setup is like. I also dropped the forks 10mm through the triple clamps and lifted the back up 10mm via the ride height adjuster on the Ohlins rear shock.

To sum up, Nick, the forks are bloody brilliant and I am more than happy how they are working, with the Ohlins on the rear and your gear in the front, I am only a couple of clicks away from a perfect setup for whatever the road conditions offer. Cheers!

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