Front Fork & Rear Shock Absorber Lowering Spring Kits

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Achieve a better ride with our motorcycle fork springs – available in Australia

The sheer power and performance of the modern motor vehicle demand a proper suspension system. Our products are designed to achieve this, allowing you to experience a best-in-class ride, no matter your frequent conditions.

Whether you’re heading out on an adventure or just looking for a better on-road experience, your suspension system needs to be highly tuned at all times. This is the make and break of good performance, and at the heart of that are your fork springs.

Our range of aftermarket motorcycle fork & shock springs do more than simply minimise the impact of heavy landings and bumps on the road; they give you more control over your bike and complete comfort.

Performance products in this line also allow you to improve steering and handling, enabling better traction on the road and reducing bottoming instances. Enjoy an optimised experience with your bike, keeping you in control and comfortable from all angles; brake later and throttle faster – now is the time to redefine your ride.

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Linear Fork and Shock Springs: Evenly wound the whole length of the spring to ensure the force of the object or hazard you have run over remains consistent the entire time. These are more suited to the weekend warrior as there is only one variable to control, and they are easy to install and maintain.

Because of these designs' precise nature, their consistency and ease of use mean they are commonly used by racers learning their craft on-road settings. Because there are extreme forces placed on your suspension during racing, linear designs deliver heavier resistance, making them great for off-road adventures.

Progressive Fork and Shock Springs: Also known as dual-rates, these are wound closer together at one end and further apart at the other. They become stiffer more quickly than linear options, so you won't feel a thing going over small bumps or holes during your ride. For more considerable hazards, they'll firm up, giving you a smoother experience overall.

Inner Chamber Springs & PSF Balance Springs: These are an excellent option for those who want even more control over their suspension, working by adding position sensitivity in setups where the dampening would usually be speed-sensitive.

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