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KYB Motorcycle Suspension Distributors Australia.

In the world of motorcycle suspensions, two leading manufacturers supply parts to almost all the major brands in the motorbike industry. KYB suspension kits are among the most advanced and reliable in the world, so can be found on many factory performance bikes.

What type of Kayaba motorcycle suspension do you sell?

At Teknik, we stock an extensive range of KYB fork & shock absorber suspension parts for a broad range of bikes, whether you want to improve the performance of your cruiser or enhance your motocross bike’s ability to tackle bumpy tracks. We offer everything from OEM wear parts like seals and bushes to valving internals to tuning upgrades to complete factory racing suspension systems.
Just some of our most sought-after Kayaba motorcycle suspension kits and components include:

  • KYB shock servicing parts
  • KYB fork servicing parts
  • Oil & Dirt Seals
  • Damping Pistons
  • Fork Cartridge Kits
  • Balance Springs
  • Shock Shaft Assemblies
  • Shock Rebound Needles
  • Bearing Dust Seals
  • Complete KYB Factory Suspension Kits
  • Valve Shims, Bushes and O-Rings
  • Performance Suspension Upgrade Sets

Whatever OEM KYB parts you require to repair or enhance your motorbike, you’ll find them here at Teknik.

What motorcycle brands are Kayaba suspensions compatible with?

Established in Japan over a century ago, KYB is now the world's second-largest manufacturer of suspension parts. It primarily manufactures OEM parts for Yamaha, one of the top-selling motorbike brands. However, many KYB motorcycle shock parts are also compatible with brands like:

  • Honda
  • Suzuki
  • BMW
  • Ducati
  • Kawasaki

Look up your motorbike near the top of this webpage to find if it has Kayaba front forks or rear shock absorbers.

KYB Shock Absorbers - Reasonably Priced and Top Quality.

KYB is a leading brand in motorcycle coilover shocks, renowned for their exceptional quality and performance. KYB has established itself as a trusted name in the automotive industry for many decades, with their shock absorbers offering superior comfort, stability, and control both on and off the road.

One of the key features of KYB shock absorbers is their advanced technology. The company employs innovative designs and cutting-edge manufacturing processes to create quality suspension products that dampen vibration better for a smoother ride, grippier handling, and increased safety for rider and pillion.

KYB shock absorbers are designed to endure all riding conditions, from navigating city streets to tackling rough offroad tracks, their dampers provide optimal performance and durability. By absorbing the impact of bumps and uneven surfaces, KYB shock absorbers minimise tire wear, improve traction, and deliver a more comfortable ride.

Furthermore, KYB is committed to continuous research and development, constantly refining its shock absorber technology through competition. Kayaba suspensions can be found on many race winners in Motocross and Enduro plus Circuit Racing bikes too.
When it comes to quality, KYB sets high standards. Their shock absorbers undergo rigorous testing and quality control measures to ensure reliability and longevity. This commitment to excellence has earned KYB a reputation in motorcycling of value for money performance.

KYB shock absorbers are a top choice for riders seeking superior performance, comfort, and safety. With their advanced technology, durability, and commitment to quality, KYB continues to be a leading brand in motorbike suspension. Whether you're looking to replace worn-out fork and shock parts or upgrade your bike's suspension system, Kayaba suspension offers a reliable, high-performance solution.

What services does Teknik provide?

At Teknik, we’ve been a leading suspension parts supplier in Sydney since 2001. Thanks to our reputation for excellence, we now sell parts for Kayaba forks and shocks online to every location in Australia and internationally. Our workshop services include:

  • Tuning - Want to make your bike faster, more agile, and more comfortable? Bring your motorbike to us, and we’ll enhance its performance using the most advanced KYB suspension tuning upgrades.
  • Servicing - Regular servicing is crucial if you want to maximise the lifespan of your Yamaha or Suzuki. Fortunately, keeping your bike in top condition is simple, thanks to our rebuilding experts.
  • Repairs - Our technicians can diagnose and fix any problem with your KYB front forks or rear shocks. If your bike isn’t performing as it should, bring it to us for a check-up.

Why Choose Teknik Motorsport?

At Teknik, we’ve been a leading supplier of genuine Kayaba parts for nearly 20 years, boasting one of the nation's most extensive ranges of parts and tools at prices that can’t be beaten. Because we also offer a full range of workshop services, we’re the only contact you need to ensure your motorcycle’s suspension parts remain immaculate. So, look no further than Teknik for high-value prices, unrivalled product choice, and superb customer service.

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