Upgrade your motorcycle piston rings

While most performance bikes come with highly effective shocks, this is an area where manufacturers may take shortcuts to ensure the product is available at an affordable price.

Upgrade your parts with dedicated performance aftermarket products that dramatically improve your system and deliver you a more optimised ride across the board. Whether you are heading out on the roads or out on an off-road experience, we offer options to redefine the way your vehicle operates completely.

The benefits of fitting aftermarket shocks to your machine

Investing in motorcycle shock upgrade parts gives you the ability to extend your vehicle's life. Delivering a longer travel distance, increased performance and stronger components. Failing to replace these parts when they need it most means you’ll experience a rougher ride and the potential of your bike bottoming out.

Once you’ve installed our products, you’ll notice a much smoother and more comfortable ride, products such as our shock bladder conversion kits improve your suspension system immeasurably. Eliminate a bumpy and rocky ride with these premium products from Teknik Motorsport.

Is it time for you to choose a new bladder conversion kit?

It’s considered a safety precaution to upgrade these parts, mostly because they allow improved traction on the road. This leads to a smoother ride and optimised steering, giving way to better handling and traction overall.

Of course, all of these benefits add up when competing on your motorbike, be it on or off the road. Upgrading your parts to the specs you require for your personal preferences, you’ll be able to ride for longer, reduce risks and keep comfortable at all times.

Upgrades available from Teknik Motorsport

We have everything you need to replace your factory-fitted products or broken down parts. If they’re in dire need of a replacement, stop turning a blind eye and secure your vehicle now.

  • Performance parts: Customise your motorcycle's suspension system with these parts that best suit your style, your type of riding and the conditions you frequent. Our expert team can help you assemble the ultimate system, allowing you to be in total control while getting the most performance out of your motorbike.
  • Valving kits: The oil flow through your suspension system is essential for its performance and having the right valves is vital for the right oil flow and resistance. Our range of valving kits include stacks can be customised to suit the handling and control you require - all based on measured real world shock dyno results.
  • Low-friction piston bands: Friction causes a drop in performance and rapid wear in any component in your motorcycle, and it is essential to have low-friction options where possible. These rings will allow your shocks to move more freely and will also extend the life of your suspension system.
  • Bladder upgrades: This allows you to replace the piston reservoir to a bladder type that carries many advantages, including filling it with nitrogen for better efficiency and much better compliance.

For more information, contact the team at Teknik Motorsport today. We also offer a range of forks, cartridge kits and performance coatings – to name a few.