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Upgrade your motorcycle piston rings

While most performance bikes come with highly effective shocks, this is an area where manufacturers may take shortcuts to ensure the product is available at an affordable price.

Upgrade your valving piston parts with dedicated performance aftermarket products that dramatically improve suspension response plus damping consistency and deliver you an optimised ride offroad or on track.

The benefits of fitting aftermarket shock tuning parts to your machine

Investing in motorbike shock upgrades allows you to extend your vehicle's life by giving more endurance, increased performance and more robust components. Failing to replace these parts when they need it most means you’ll experience a rougher ride, the potential of your bike bottoming out on bumps, and increased wear on expensive systems.

Once you’ve installed our products, you’ll notice a much smoother and more comfortable ride; products such as our shock bladder conversion kits improve your suspension system immeasurably. Eliminate a bumpy and rocky ride with these premium products from Teknik Motorsport.

Teknik Motor Sport and WP

WP Suspension is a renowned company that manufactures and distributes high-quality suspension systems and related components. They are famous for their piggyback gas bladder coilover dampers, designed for supple initial damping.

First and foremost, our WP Shock Bladder Kits utilise increased gas volume to maintain better compliance, giving better traction over small bumps and more comfort for enduro racing. Improved nitrogen gassing ports make servicing easier too. The bladder itself is constructed from high-grade rubber that ensures superior resilience and longevity, even under the most demanding riding conditions. The anodized billet aluminium alloy caps give extra nitrogen volume and are both colourful and robust. This innovative design guarantees consistent performance, maintaining optimal suspension action for a smooth and controlled riding experience.

Durability and reliability are key aspects of the WP Rear Shock Bladder Kits. The high-quality construction and materials ensure exceptional resistance to wear and tear over an extended period. This reliability is crucial for riders who push their bikes to the limit and require suspension components that can withstand the rigors of intense riding.

WP Suspension is found on most KTM motorcycles, legendary for their offroad enduro and safari wins. The company's dedication to research and development has led to numerous technological advancements and breakthroughs in suspension technology, like the long lived PDS system. Their european build quality means they are found on several other exotic euro motorbikes such as BMW, Husqvarna and GasGas.

Upgrades available from Teknik Motorsport

We have everything you need to replace your factory-fitted products or broken-down wear parts. If they need a replacement, stop turning a blind eye and fix your vehicle now.

  • Performance parts: Customise your motorcycle's suspension system with these parts that best suit your style, your type of riding and the conditions you frequent. Our expert team can help you assemble the ultimate system, allowing you to be in total control while getting the most performance out of your motorbike.
  • Valving kits: The oil flow through your suspension system is essential for its performance, and having suitable valves is vital for the proper oil flow and damping resistance. Our range of valving kits includes stacks that can be customised to suit the handling and control you require - all based on measured real-world shock dyno results.
  • Low-friction piston bands: Friction causes a drop in performance and rapid wear in any component in your motorcycle, and it is essential to have low-friction options where possible. These rings will allow your shocks to move more freely and extend your suspension system's life, while giving more consistent damping.
  • Bladder upgrades: This allows you to replace the piston reservoir with a bladder type with many advantages, including filling it with nitrogen for better efficiency and compliance.
  • Spring preload collars: Adjust the pressure on your spring to compensate for heavier loads or a pillion passenger quickly and easily. Available in mechanical socket type, hydraulic knob type and even advanced ESA compatible electronically controlled adjusters.

For more information, contact the team at Teknik Motorsport today. We also offer a range of forks, cartridge kits and performance coatings – to name a few.