X-Trig Racing Technology strives to make the best, highest quality products on the market available to you. As a racing team partner, X-Trig offers a complete A to Z concept for the development of various components. X-Trig products are not only designed for racing teams but for all amateur and hobby pilots who want to enhance the equipment and appearance of their bikes.

Designed and manufactured entirely in Germany, their state-of-the-art facility is constantly expanding in the small town of Gröben, just outside of Salzburg. Unlike most of the triple clamp manufacturers, they keep the machining in house.

XTRIG Racing Technology aim to provide the market with products that offer unrivalled quality and sophistication. As well as designing for racing teams, they also consider the needs of amateur racers. They are constantly developing components in cooperation with the world’s best racing teams to ensure every item they produce is absolutely state of the art.

ROCS (Revolutionary Opposed Clamping System)

With ROCS, XTRIG created a new system for an even higher stability of the already top-quality triple clamps. Opposing clamps guarantee an even better functioning of the fork and are more stable than ever. Split clamps improve the bending line of the fork.

  • Improved responsiveness of the fork: Perfect roundness in the clamping area, even under load
  • Higher resistance of turning the fork legs: Self-inhibition of the fork tubes in both directions
  • Optimal function of the fork: Split clamps improve the bending line of the fork
  • Secure clamping of the fork: No mutual influence of the clamping screws preload
  • Lightweight: No material between the clamping screws

PHDS (Progressive Handlebar Dampening System)

The PHDS is a system supported by elastomers designed to absorb engine and chassis vibrations. The system also dampens the forces acting on the handlebar in a horizontal and vertical direction, maintaining steering precision. The handlebar can be adjusted in 12 different positions when the PHDS is mounted.


The Advantages of the XTRIG Preload Adjuster

  • Mechanical transmission
  • Use the complete thread of the shock absorber
  • Easy handling
  • Adjust the preload very quickly
  • Low weight
  • Dirt insensible
  • Patent pending


The patented Holeshot system with the two locking positions, ensures a fast and, above all, safe adaptation of the motorcycle to the respective grip conditions at the start. So they get the decisive advantage already at the beginning of the race.

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