Quality motorcycle shocks – available throughout Australia

While your shocks – whether aftermarket or genuine – are there to do their literal job, they are also responsible for a lot more than just achieving a smoother ride.

Quality products last longer than cheaper alternatives and are made to be exceptionally reliable and consistent. In turn, this gives you greater control and better handling of your motorbike. This is because they allow you to have improved traction with any surface, equating to improved steering and safety – essential for riders of any description on any terrain.

Why should you replace your factory motorbike shock absorbers?

The better your brand and make of a motorbike, the better your parts are likely to be. But it is well established that manufacturers will only put standard products on their range to make them affordable to purchase unless it is specifically requested that you want a specific brand or type.

Replacing them with high-quality alternatives extends their life. As a result, you’ll be able to achieve superior handling, better steering, improved oil and lubrication regulation, and effortless performance across the board. Our range caters to all this, ensuring your ride is optimised from all angles.

Shocks from all origins – from factory to aftermarket options and more

Harley Davidson

The iconic Harley Davidson range of motorcycles has never been known for their superior handling, but upgrading these parts and your suspension system delivers a new level of performance and comfort. There is a range of different lengths available through our store, as well as endless options.

1-way adjustable

Make setting up your suspension system quick and easy with a single adjustable knob that will enable you to make changes to the compression and rebound properties together. You can easily align everything in your suspension system to your liking with a setting for soft or firm options, and everything in between.

3-way adjustable

For the professional rider who likes to fine tune every element of their motorcycle's suspension system, these will give you total control, so you have the perfect settings depending on the type of ride you’re looking for. With high speed compression, low speed compression and rebound damping clickers, these shocks are perfect for the avid rider that loves different on and off-road terrains and wants to adjust every element of their suspension system to suit.

Teknik Motorsport stocks a wide range of performance parts for the biggest brands, including Kawasaki, Triumph, BMW, Yamaha, Honda, KTM and more.

Browse our range today and improve your entire suspension and handling systems with upgrades for your forks, springs, shock lowering spacers and accessories. Shop online now for delivery across Australia.