BMW K 75 1993        

Rider Weight in Kilograms:

Ideal Fork Rate: kg/mm

Ideal Shock Rate: kg/mm

Sport Touring

4 Stroke Engine 740 cc

Fork Spring Compressor

Fork Spring Compressor



Got a Bilstein shock in your BMW? It probably leaks, right? They are a unique design and difficult to get fixed. But we do have options.

The standard Bilstein shock has 2 main problems that prevent us from simply rebuilding the unit. Even if the shock is not leaking, we will not “just change the oil”, as we are then prevented from offering a warranty on the service.
Firstly, the shock runs a 10.5mm shaft, a unique size that seals are not available for. 15 years ago a company called “SIGRA” used to overhaul them for $150, using a 10mm seal that typically lasted only 5000km or sometimes even less.
Secondly, The shock has a lot of side load placed on it, and the standard shaft bushing in the shock is only 8mm wide. The bushing ovalises, damaging the shaft, and then the seal leaks.
Bilstein Shock
We offer 2 options. Both options perform better than a brand new BMW shock!
  • Re-Engineer the stock Bilstein Shock. Based around a new 12.5mm shaft (that we machine from solid), we re-machine the lower yoke to accept the bigger shaft. Then we replace the standard piston with a better performing unit that can handle the side load, specifically revalving it for your needs. We build a custom-designed seal assembly that accepts standard (easily obtainable) Japanese shock seals, and uses a 15mm long bush, which is much stronger than the OEM bush. We give a 1 year warranty on the finished shock, it is now fully rebuildable, making future servicing much cheaper and easier, and it’s performance is better than new. Riders carrying significant loads or weighing more than 100kgs will also want to change the shock spring.


  • A Replacement Shock. Please Call Us for more info on which shock fits your specific budget, model and year.
Shocks - WP - All other BMWs K1100R series, etc (Late models)
Most of these bikes use a WP shock that we can overhaul and modify for more range at the rebound adjuster.
  • WP Shock Revalve & Service. Strip it apart, replace all the seals, change the valving to suit you and your application, new oil and nitrogen gas. Depending on the age and condition of your shock, the Shock Shaft may need re-chroming, or we cannot warranty the work (the pitted old shaft tears up the new seals).


41mm OD

Showa Conventional 41mm OD


Top Out Type External

185 mm

Fork Travel 185 mm

32 mm

Front Sag 32 mm


Emulator Preload Turns 2.0

64 N

Emulator Spring 64 N

25 mm

Standard Preload 25 mm


Fork Oil Weight 10

120 mm

Fork Oil Level 120 mm

2 Quarts

Oil Quantity 2 Quarts



114 mm

Wheel Travel 114 mm