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Adjustable Twin Shocks for Harley-Davidson Touring

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Adjustable Twin Shocks for Harley-Davidson Dyna

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Adjustable Twin Shocks for Harley-Davidson Sportster

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Harley Davidson Adjustable Emulsion Shocks

Your bike’s suspension is responsible for much more than simply helping you enjoy a smooth journey. In fact, its true purpose is to help you keep control over your bike as you ride.

Stock Harley Twin shocks are not renowned for their performance. Many people can’t believe the difference when they swap the stock shocks out for some high quality replacement shocks. If your back is aching after a short period of time or you are avoiding back roads because you can’t stand the ride its time to address the issue. Imagine getting off after a long cruise and feeling as good as you did at the start!

Worn out or cheap OEM shock absorbers can turn any ride into an awkward – even dangerous – trip, so it’s important to learn how to determine if they’re in need of replacement. We have an extensive range of tools to help repair many shocks but OEM Harley shocks are a throwaway item. You can also add enhanced adjustability and comfort with piggyback canister shocks, complete with exposed anodised adjusters.

How Do I Know if My Shocks Are Bad from the factory or just worn out?

You can tell that these are set incorrectly when the preload adjustment ring is either maxxed out on full preload or on minimum and you still can’t get comfortable - always in the wrong position for your riding style. You’ll probably be able to tell when you ride over backroads, or follow someone who just seems to be able to ride effortlessly while you struggle on the tiniest bump. If they don't feel the way they used to in the past, this is the easiest way to tell if they’re worn out and in need of replacement.

How Long Should Harley Davidson Shocks Last?

Did you know that shocks are considered a normal maintenance item? As such, you should be replacing them quite regularly. You should also have your forks properly inspected at every oil change for added safety and peace of mind.

In general, these parts should last at least 30,000 km before you need to have them replaced, after that you are on the downhill slide in performance. However, if you start to notice signs of wear and tear earlier than that, it’s crucial for your own safety to replace them sooner rather than later.

Signs of Wear and Tear

A worn or leaking suspension system can lead to unsteadiness on the road, which can ultimately lead to danger. This is your bike’s way of telling you to fix and upgrade quickly.

If you find you’re veering or sliding whilst out for a ride, it’s definitely time for a replacement. Here are some key things to look out for:

  • Rattling: If you feel any vibration as you ride, it could be down to a worn-out suspension. This may put undue pressure on other parts of the bike, and could very quickly lead to bigger nightmares out on the road.
  • Uneven wear on your tyres: When your suspension is worn, you can’t keep your tyres firmly on the road, which results in uneven wear on the tyres. This can increase your risk of hydroplaning, leaving you more prone to a flat and increasing your risk of skidding accidents.
  • Reduced stopping power: A worn-out suspension can increase your braking distance by 20%, which really could be the difference between a safe stop and a dangerous one.

Benefits of Heavy Duty Harley Davidson Parts

  • Experience the ultimate in handling and ride quality with either piggyback or emulsion parts.
  • Totally adjustable to match your riding style.
  • Set the sag with the adjustable preload.
  • Adjustable compression and rebound damping let you fine-tune the response.
  • Emulsion shocks give you a more comfortable ride – no matter the pavement conditions.

We have a full range of TFX suspension and shock upgrade parts available to help you look after your wheels. If you have any questions at all, contact our expert team today on (02) 4732 2626. We’re open Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 5:30pm.