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Mark Smith

G'day Teknik,
Fitted the shock without any problems. Had a chance to ride it today, did a quick return trip to Bowen of 200kms, road conditions from about 3 kms of good Tarmac, the rest a fine example of tar repairs going back to the 1960's.

I've been riding my Aprilia lately, and a return to the 1150GS was very different, but I noticed my corner speeds were a lot quicker!
In controlled conditions of course, I caught up with a Fireblade and we had a great trip back home. A young bloke in alpine star one-piece leathers on a current Fireblade couldn't catch an old fat bastard on a BMW. Testament to great suspension over horsepower.

The difference in my bike is unbelievable, high speed lumps and potholes, gravel and dirt on the roads from roadworks, ripples, patches and bloody great drop offs were handled with total unconcern and total security in the bike's new handling prowess.
I was going to sell this bike, but the handling is that improved that I'll now keep her for the longer rides. You have done a fine job on my shocky, at a very good price. I've been telling everyone I meet how good you people are.