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Michael Geoghegan

G'day Nick,
Just letting you know how the revalved and resprung forks you did for my Ducati 900SS are going.

When I initially put them on with your set up in regards to rebound and compression, they were a tad stiff and I was happily tank slapp'n over the bumps. I wound everything back to zero and slowly increased the settings, I have found 4 clicks on compression and 3 on rebound to be a good all round setting, sort of a general purpose setting so to speak. I have also found that the forks are very sensitive; in regards to giving a tweak through the adjusters as the road and riding conditions change, for example going up the old pacific highway I have the forks fairly soft for feedback and they work brilliantly, as I ride through more open roads, faster sweepers etc, I go up a few clicks on each end of the forks and the effect is also brilliant. I have also noted that the forks get better with pace. I would say that the Teknik springs are so much better than the OEM Ducati springs.

The only concern I have with the forks is that 75% of the adjustment; i.e. compression and rebound will be inaccessible to me as it is just too hard but that's no big deal as I have found that the 25% that I have gives me all the adjustment range I need. It should be noted that I think Ducatis have strange front ends anyway and god knows what my sag setup is like. I also dropped the forks 10mm through the triple clamps and lifted the back up 10mm via the ride height adjuster on the Ohlins rear shock.

To sum up, Nick, the forks are bloody brilliant and I am more than happy how they are working, with the Ohlins on the rear and your gear in the front, I am only a couple of clicks away from a perfect setup for whatever the road conditions offer. Cheers!