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Lyndon Heffernan

Teknik provides what the customer needs not what they want to sell you! If he can fix your suspenders cheaply and know you will be happy he will do it, if you ride a rod box and it needs special parts he will put them in if you are up for the extra cost of having the best.
If you want to be told how fast you are and how to spend a fortune getting your bike right then go elsewhere!

The mods Teknik have done to our 2007-2012 Yamaha WR forks transformed the front end and makes it into a great handling bike for $500.
Good honest service and years of knowledge! Nick knows his shit and thats why we use him.
Before the WR mods fork performance was Ok when new, but the forks went mushy real quick and although they worked OK on small stuff, big hits and sharp bumps transferred lots of jolts through to the wrists as there was just not the progression required to slow the fork travel up for anyone other than a 40kg beginner, the WR fix kit makes a more progressive damping curve and consistent performance, just what the fork needed!