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Steve Crombie

Steve Crombie: Lost On Earth Adventuring - Adventure Riding all over the planet

Since Steve was a child, he has been addicted to National Geographic magazines and the Guinness Book of Records. Steve is a compulsive dreamer who's imagination and ideas runs riot. He believes that ideas rock the world and loves nothing better than turning them into reality. Once he decides to do something, there is no turning back. His perspective is that you should 'Live the life you love and love the life you live'.

Steve spent the first few years of his free life pursuing adventures around the world, from coasting around Australia in a circus to cruising the Amazon in a home made canoe. Later returning to Sydney to finish his MBA (Masters of Business). He hopes that a few years travelling the globe by motorcycle will make up for the travelling he missed whilst studying. He works full time on the adventure in hope that if all goes well, Lost On Earth will be able to pursue these adventures for the rest of his god given life. That's what dreams are all about, yeah?