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Sprocket Coglan

Why go to a suspension specialist I hear you say? If you had to have open heart or brain surgery done on your self, or someone special in your life, would you go to a GP or an experienced specialist? Doesn't take much thought.

As your suspension set up is critical to not only lap times at the track but also safety and comfort on the road, I am very happy with the results that I have had from my suspension specialist and his team at Teknik Racing. I can recommend them whole heartedly.

I have been riding bikes for more than 38 years now and over this time have had many brands of road and trail bikes and covered a lot of miles/kilometers.
My first introduction with Nick was in about 2001 when I got hooked on trackdays on my then naked SV650 which needless to say was limited in the handling department with only rear spring pre load adjustments. Nick assessed bike and rider at the shop and then we went through the options of what I was trying to achieve and what was available. The front was easy correct springs valving as far as possible and emulators. The rear I ended up with an Ohlins. The thing that I liked was not being recommended down the most expensive route and Nick advised to think before buying the Ohlins due to cost of the shock and cost of the bike, but I opted for the Ohlins. To say that the bike was transformed was an understatement! This was the first bike that I had ridden that was actually set up with the suspension working properly. I had never had a bike working correctly previously so I never knew what it was to have a bike come down evenly when braking and then have it rise equally when accelerating out of corners, instead of see-sawing. The confidence that this inspired allowed me to initially drop around 10 seconds a lap at eastern creek (I was still learning the track, etc) and to me it did not feel that I was trying any harder than with the standard set up. I do not kid myself that I am or probably ever will be quick, but I do want to be able to go as fast and as safe as I possibly can.

My second bike that Nick dealt with was a ZX6 track bike that was handling like a dog, very harsh to ride and twitchy into turn one at the creek. Again Nick and his crew fixed it.
The next bike to receive the Teknik attention was my Triumph Thruxton which was harsh and jolting to ride on the road, this also was fixed with very noticeable results.

Current project is sorting out a Ducati Monster S4R for the track and whilst the standard suspension may be OK for the road it definitely wasn't anywhere near right for the track even for an average at best, rider like myself.

We can't all be record setters or race winners but at least we can set up our bikes to be the best that they can and then we can safely try to improve our times or just our riding pleasure with the help of the Teknik team.