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Joe Alberts

Hi Nick,
I have been riding a week now.

It indeed feels like a completely different bike. Somehow the bike feels smaller and much easier to control. I easily manage a much smaller turning circle and feel much more secure in corners. This may be my imagination but the bike takes off faster and accelerates faster - is this the stiffer springs not compressing as much?

The ride feels both firmer and less bumpier. This is my only negative. The ride feels harsher - like driving my mates Porsche after my Xtrail - but handles bigger bumps much better.

All in all I am a happy camper.

Hi Joe,
That's good overall. I'm a little concerned about the feel. If it bothers you there is a good range of adjustment in the shock damping. In time the shock will naturally soften and you will get used to the more taught feel. Let me know if you ever want to drop in so I can change it for you, takes 2 minutes.

Thanks for the feedback, always appreciated.