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Steve Sherwood

Initial contact - Nick Dole was very approachable, patient and knowledgable. I quickly felt he knew what he was talking about and understood what I was after, and was happy to answer all my questions.

Getting the job done - Again no problems, very helpful, can't find fault anywhere.

First ride - Definite improvement although I felt it tracked poorly up loose rocky hills. Read the handy 'suspension setup tips' from Teknik and adjusted the shocks and it's much better. Now quite happy with the complete package.

Post sales support - This is one of your major strengths which make you a stand out operation. I have had some ongoing issues with seals leaking (suspect batch issues) and have been calling once a week. I almost cringe at being one of those customers a business can't shake but EVERY time you guys have been more than happy to assist and NOT ONCE have you tried to walk away or shift blame. Dale has been a true champion, his customer service on the phone and ensuring the forks are fixed and returned within 3 days ensuring I don't miss a weekend event. This is absolute magic and I can't recommend you guys highly enough in the paddock.

Keep up the good work!