Teknik R&D Riders Program

We're looking for riders who have specific late model bikes. Test ride our settings & parts on your bike, give us feedback on how it works, and get a serious discount on a completely customised suspension.

Teknik is always looking to increase our knowledge base. It's a big part of our success and the it's the reason we get such great results.
But each and every year there are a new crop of bikes. Some are just like last years bikes, some are tweaked just a little, and some are completely different, with huge changes all over the bike. We like to get our hands on each one to test the settings and differences for ourselves, to find how it has changed, and to find the kind of mods that will optimise the suspension for a given weight and riding type. And we like to get that info as quickly as possible after a new bike's launch.

So if you have one of these late model motorcycles that we haven't had a chance to work on yet, we would like to offer you an opportunity to test ride for us. We test the bike's suspension on our dyno, see where it's good and where it's lacking, then change the settings & parts and try it again. You take the new suspension out and give it a thrash, give us feedback on how it works and how it could be better, and we work on it some more.

You end up being way ahead of the competition on the same bike, get a big discount on a professionally customised suspension for your motorbike, and we end up getting info on a new model which we can then use as a comparison for our future tuning.

To help our research and development team, please make sure you include the following details in your message:

  • Make, Model and Year of your motorcycle
  • Your overall riding experience, including any racing results


We'll get back to you as soon as we can.


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