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Peter Payne

Hi Nick,
The modifications to the XT1200 suspension works.
I left the rear as you had delivered it, increased the spring pre-load on the front by three marks, and the balance for me, was very good.

Once it had bedded in after a couple of hours riding, the difference in composure, steering precision and off road ability was really noticeable. The downhill, and at times uphill drainage humps were no longer a thing to brake hard for and grit the teeth!
Rear traction on rocky uphills, and inside corner cross ruts from water run off was very good. As you know those inside corner cross ruts cause havoc for shaft drive big bikes, and it was great to not have to worry about the rear bouncing all over the place.

Thanks for your assistance with this project, as it has changed the character of the bike for the better.
Images of the bike attached are from the weekend's Old Bulls Adventure ride.