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Tim Arnold

Hey Nick,
If you remember my evil '82 Yamaha XJ750... I'm assuming so; you haven't had enough time to repress those memories yet.

Your end result is great. The front shocks look fantastic and are working well. You have cured the starting and plug fouling problems and the bike can now be used! I have a 'flat spot' about 4500 - 6000 rpm (which is nothing to do with the work you guys did), but after 7000 it hoots! Far better than I expected a bike of that vintage to do actually.

In short I am very happy with a vastly improved old bike. I can actually use it without worrying about safety or break downs and cantankerous starting. I was immensely impressed with you and your teams professionalism and the way you approached any problems with a "fix it" attitude.

If I ever win lotto and can afford a race team I will bring worth while work to you. Until then, thank you for doing the work that I could afford. And doing it well.