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Greg Katis

Started putting the motor back together on Friday, wasn’t until Saturday afternoon with many interruptions that I managed to complete, fill up fluids etc around 2pm. Had to go out, returned and coolant all over floor from YZ.
Tightened hoses, check bolts, drain plug but noticed it coming from weep hole on water pump. Looked online and checked out number of bearings and seals then took a calculated risk that if I blocked the hole the oil seal would prevent coolant going into the oil. Didn’t have many other options as all shops closed, needed to race.

The only thing between Matt winning overall was the bike so I had sleepless night and concerned at the track. Ran bike in at practice, checked coolant and oil, no loss and no mixing. Then checked again after 1st race, still OK, ran trouble free all day.
Brought the old YZ250 just in case in the end needed to swap rear brake pedal after racing incident in race 2 when Matt and another got tangled, Matt kept it upright.

In between this YZ bike build, the sump plug stripped when changing oil on the CRF, found longer bolt, needed thread tape, tightened and seemed OK but had me worried all day. Need to retap or helicoil sometime soon. In the end no problems.

AB&C lites all raced together yesterday, I was worried when the boys lined up side by side for start of race 2. Had to give team orders if they took each other out I would not be happy!

Drew’s fastest lap time has gone from 2:02 down to 1:57 yesterday. Boy was on fire! He was 9th going into this final round and ended up in 5th and a trophy. There are only few faster riders (maybe 2) than him in clubman lites but he has now distanced himself from the rest of pack. Start of the year he was lucky if in top 10.

All over for another year. Thanks again.
Only one place to go, Teknik!