HONDA NES125 (@125) 2002

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Rider Weight

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Ideal Fork Rate:
kg/mm ( N/mm)
Ideal Shock Rate:
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Bike Details

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Bike Type


Ideal Rider Weight

75 kg

Engine Specifications

4 Stroke Engine 125 cc

Forks Info

Fork Manufacturer

Showa Conventional 33 mm OD

Fork Dimensions

Compression Nut Torque
Fork Travel
100 mm
Front Sag
45 mm

Fork Features

Preload Adjuster
10 mm Range
Twin Chamber Fork

Fork Oil

Fork Oil Weight
Fork Oil Level
100 mm
Oil Quanity
2 Litres

Fork Spring Information

Spring Rate – Claimed
Standard Preload
3 mm

Fork Comments

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Shocks Info

Shock Manufacturer

36 mm ID

Shock Dimensions

Nitrogen Pressure
150 psi
Shock Length (Eye to Eye)
400 mm
Shock Travel
100 mm
Shock Shaft Outer Diameter
14 mm
Standard Sag
30 mm
Shaft Nut Torque
Shock Oil
2.5 Weight
Standard Preload
Wheel Travel
120 mm

Shock Features


Shock Spring Information

Spring Rate - Claimed
51N kg/mm

Shock Comments

Shock Comments Published. The scooter under test was used, a 2001 model, with 60000 Km clocked. The condition of the scooter was reasonable for such a use. Because of wet weather especially during the period of the test, the pictures of the scooter might