TM MX300 2012

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Rider Weight

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Ideal Fork Rate:
kg/mm ( N/mm)
Ideal Shock Rate:
kg/mm ( N/mm)

Bike Details

Stock Fork Spring Rate


Bike Type


Ideal Rider Weight

75 kg

Forks Info

Fork Manufacturer

KYB USD 48 mm OD

Fork Dimensions

Compression Nut Torque
48 in-lb (0.56 kgf-m)
Fork Travel
300 mm

Fork Features

Twin Chamber Fork

Fork Oil

Fork Oil Weight
SAE 2.5
Fork Oil Level
360cc mm
Oil Quanity
2 Litres

Fork Spring Information

Spring Rate – Claimed
Standard Preload
3 mm

Fork Comments

Check floating piston for cracking

Shocks Info

Shock Manufacturer

50 mm ID

Shock Dimensions

Shock Shaft Outer Diameter
16 mm

KYB Genuine Front Fork Spring Each - 44mm od x 497 length

44mm od x 497mm free length
(SKU: 11005-44-497)

Teknik Fork Springs 43.5 x 497 (Eibach 963)

43.5mm od x 497mm free length
(SKU: 43.5-497)

Eibach EMS Moto Fork Springs 43.9/43.9/492mm

Set of 2 Front Springs
(SKU: 904)

Eibach EMS Moto Fork Springs 43.7 x 499 (43.5-497)

43.7mm OD x 499mm Free Length
(SKU: 963)

Outer Guide Bush 48 x 15 x 2.0 Aftermarket

48mm id x 15mm tall x 2.0mm thick
(SKU: 24-570-01)
Inside Diameter d (mm):   48.0
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   48.0
Height H (mm):   15.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   52.0
Wall Thickness (mm):   2.0
698 In Stock

48mm KYB Fork Seal and Dust Wiper Set 2pc set , Hi performance seal

one oil seal and one dust seal, buy 2 sets for one bike
(SKU: KYB48Capset)
Dust Wiper Inside Diameter d (mm):   48.0
Oil Seal Inside Diameter d (mm):   48.0
Dust Wiper Height H (mm):   9.5
Oil Seal Height H (mm):   4.9
Dust Wiper Outside Ø D1 (mm):   58.2
Oil Seal Outside Ø D1 (mm):   58.7
320 In Stock

SKF KYB Fork Seal Kit 48mm (Dual Comp)

Requires 2 kits for complete fork service.
Colour:   Green/Orange
Seal Outer Ø D (mm):   58.42
Seal Height H (mm):   8.5
Seal Wiper Outside Ø D1 (mm):   58.70
Seal Wiper Height H1 (mm):   4.9
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   48.0
4 In Stock

HiCalibre Shock Spring 60 x 260 Sachs 46 and 50

60mm id x 260mm free length
(SKU: 20-073)

KYB Genuine Piston Rod Holder

(SKU: 000.0657)
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