YAMAHA YZ85LW (Big Wheel) 2018

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Rider Weight

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Ideal Fork Rate:
kg/mm ( N/mm)
Ideal Shock Rate:
kg/mm ( N/mm)

Bike Details

Stock Fork Spring Rate


Stock Shock Spring Rate


Bike Type


Ideal Rider Weight

40 kg

Engine Specifications

2 Stroke Engine 85 cc

Forks Info

Fork Manufacturer

KYB USD 36 mm OD

Fork Dimensions

Compression Nut Torque
25 in-lb (0.29 kgf-m)
Fork Travel
258 mm

Fork Features

Twin Chamber Fork

Fork Oil

Fork Oil Weight
Fork Oil Level
90 mm
Oil Quanity
1 Litre

Fork Spring Information

Standard Preload
5 mm

Fork Comments

Oil level set with the gap between the inner and outer fork tube empty.

Shocks Info

Shock Manufacturer

40 mm ID

Shock Dimensions

Nitrogen Pressure
142 psi
Shock Length (Eye to Eye)
406 mm
Shock Travel
123 mm
Shock Shaft Outer Diameter
14 mm
Standard Sag
85 mm
Shaft Nut Torque
25 ft-lbs (34 NM)
Shock Oil
2.5 Weight
Standard Preload

Shock Features


HiCalibre Fork Springs 31 x 430 (Eibach 913)

31mm od x 430mm free length
(SKU: 19-065)

Eibach EMS Fork Springs 31.4 x 430

31.4mm OD x 430mm Free Length
(SKU: 914)

Fork Tube Slide Bushing Pair - 36mm Forks - YZ85

Yamaha 2019+ YZ 65/85
(SKU: 110043600202)
Inside Diameter d (mm):   36.0
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   36.0
Height H (mm):   12.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   40.0
Wall Thickness (mm):   2.0
19 In Stock

SKF 36mm KYB Fork Seal & Wiper Set

Requires 2 kits for complete fork service.
Colour:   Green
Seal Outer Ø D (mm):   48.40
Seal Height H (mm):   8.0
Seal Wiper Outside Ø D1 (mm):   48.80
Seal Wiper Height H1 (mm):   5.7
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   36.0
5 In Stock

InnTeck Inner Slide Fork Bush KAYABA 36mm

KAYABA 36mm 35x37x20
Inside Diameter d (mm):   35.0
Fork Inner Tube Ø d (mm):   36.0
Height H (mm):   20.0
Outside Ø D (mm):   37.0
Wall Thickness (mm):   1.0
1 In Stock

RCU Shock Body Case - YZ85 19-

Yamaha 2019+ YZ85
(SKU: 120090000201)
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