Teknik Fork Spring Installation Guide

After purchasing a set of Fork Springs from Teknik Motorsport, read this quick installation guide.

We know suspension. That’s what we do!

Teknik Motorsport would like to thank you for purchasing a part of our huge range of suspension springs. All of our springs are made of a higher quality wire, this allows us to produce a lighter, more stable product. The purchase of higher quality wire has allowed us to fine tune the stress relief process and remove most of the residual stresses that occur in wire when wound into a spring. Therefore, we are now able to manufacture a product that will sag less, travel more and is less likely to break. The Signature Series springs are further processed and finished for an even higher quality spring than the normal stock.


Recommended Preload

Standard preload for full size dirt bikes – 3 to 10 mm

Standard preload for road bikes – 0mm for sport bikes, up to 25mm for cruisers. Top out spring fully compressed

Standard preload for 80cc mini dirt bikes – 5 mm

Notes on preload: The amount of preload required depends on the sprung weight of bike and rider, the rate of the spring, the front to rear weight bias, the fork angle and personal preference. There is no magic preload number. If you like the feel of the bike with less or more preload than these guidelines, great. More preload means the front and sits higher. This will make the bike turn slower. Less preload means the front end sits lower. This will make it turn quicker and it will feel softer and bottom easier (though spring rate has a bigger effect on bottoming than preload does). Higher oil level does not affect static sag but does increase bottoming resistance.

Determining the preload spacer length

External top-out

Assemble the forks without the springs and spacers. Install the emulator (if used). Extend the fork all the way. Drop the spring and spring washer into the fork tube. Use a tape measure to record the distance from the top of the fork tube down to the top of the spring washer. Measure the fork cap height from the bottom of the sealing lip (the point that touches the top of the tube when the cap is tightened) to the point on the bottom of the cap where the spring touches (this point might be on a special spacer or washer). Subtract this distance form the first measurement (down to the top of the spring washer). This would be the required length of the spacer for zero preload. Add the amount of preload required to determine the length of your spacers. Be sure to put spring washers on both ends of the preload spacer during final assembly and include them in your calculations.

Internal top-out

This type requires you to measure the set length of the fork.

Measuring the set length is best accomplished with the cartridge out of the fork; however, it can be done with the fork spring out and the cap unscrewed form the outer tube but still attached to the damping rod. Collapse the fork tube. The set length is measured from the point the spring touches on the top of the cartridge to the point the spring touches on the cap with the rod fully extended. (Sometimes the point the spring touches on the cap is actually a special washer or spacer.) A tape measure can be put down the fork tube with the spring removed, if you are careful to make sure the tape is resting on the flange when measuring.

Once the set length is recorded, measure the length of the spring and subtract. This would be the required length of the spacer for zero preload. Add the amount of the preload required to determine the length of you spacers. Be sure to include spring washer thickness as they are required on both ends of the preload spacer.

Teknik Motorsport warranty for motorcycle springs

Our products are manufactured or sourced from the very best materials and suppliers worldwide.

That's why we can proudly offer a lifetime warranty on our springs.

You buy in total confidence that the products you buy have been quality researched, developed and manufactured to our exacting specifications, so you can get the most out of your suspension.

1- Teknik lifetime warranty

Teknik warrants to the original retail purchaser who retains ownership of the motorcycle on which the spring was originally installed, the springs are covered against factory defects in material and workmanship (not on the finish) when used correctly.

2- What will be done?

Upon verification of warrant coverage, Teknik will either replace defective or prematurely worn out products without charge. This is the purchases sole and exclusive remedy for any loss or damage however arising due to a non-conformity or defect in the spring.

3- Warranty Claim Procedure

To make a claim under this warranty, the purchaser should contact the dealer in which the spring was purchased from. Teknik reserves the right to test the returned spring so as we can evaluate the non-conformity or possible defect. The purchaser is responsible to pay all the cost of removal and installing of the spring to the motorcycle and to ship the product back to the dealer where purchased, then to Teknik Motorsport then back to the dealer, then back to you. Teknik will not accept any springs sent directly to them.

4- Warranty Exclusions

This warranty does not cover any springs that have been improperly installed. The springs should be installed by a qualified suspension specialist whom is experienced in the removal and fitting of the springs. Other things this warranty does not cover are springs which have been improperly serviced, springs that have been misused, any spring that has been modified or altered or that are subject to negligence, accident or collision, improperly installed or wrongly installed on a vehicle in which it wasn’t designed for, or any vehicle in which carries more than the manufacturers suggested weight. Teknik holds the right to make any changes in materials, specifications and design to make changes they feel necessary without giving prior notice or assuming any obligations to modify any spring previously manufactured.

5- More Exclusions

This warranty states that Teknik will warrant the entire spring that may not be modified or supplemented by any other company or person either in writing or verbal statements. Any descriptions made above about the product in conjunction with this warranty is only for identification purposes. This does not mean the product described above will be the product you receive. Any spring used to demonstrate what this warranty covers is not necessarily the product you will receive. Any statements (meaning written or verbal) made by any salesman will not over ride this warranty. The description on this page is final there are no other warranties in which will exceed this one. Any other warranties that may be implied are denied to the upmost extent allowed by the law. In no way will the refund exceed the purchase price. Some states do not allow constraints on how long an implied warranty will last.

This warranty will in no way cover any accidental damages, loss of time, any disadvantage that the purchaser may experience, loss of use of the motorcycle or any damage done to the motorcycle. This warranty will not cover any unintentional or unintended damages. Some states do not allow constraints of incidental or substantial damages, so the above information does not apply to you.

This warranty will give the purchaser certain legal claims, the purchaser may also have other claims which may change from place to place.

Note: Teknik Motorsport makes no warranties either expressed or implied. We shall not be liable for any loss, damage, injury, or death arising from the use of our product. User assumes all responsibility and risk. Motorcycle riding/racing can be a DANGEROUS activity. Teknik Motorsport owners & employees make no claims as to accuracy of suggested applications of items. ITEMS ARE ONLY SUGGESTIONS.