Comparative Suspension Fluid Oil Weight Table

[edit] About 13 years ago I did a comparative oil weights table for Transmoto magazine. I thought it was time I published it on our own site in an updated format. Read more

Air / Fuel Ratios

[edit] Is your engine running properly? Got a flat spot in power? Is it lean or rich? Read more

Air Filter Service

[edit] Keep the dirt & dust out of your bike's lungs effectively. Read more

Bike Maintenance & Repair

[edit] Riding your new bike. It's one of the best feelings in the world. With a little work it can stay that way. Read more

Changing A 4 Stroke Piston

[edit] How well do you know your engine? If you're a beginner, here's your chance to learn, and if you're experienced, here are some great tips. Read more

Changing an Engine Timing Chain

[edit] Timing is everything. Especially when it's measured in milliseconds. Read more

Changing Shock Springs

[edit] They are full of potential energy, and if you aren't careful with how you remove them, can be shockingly powerful. Read more

Closed Vs Open Chamber Forks

[edit] Most modern bikes have either an open-chamber or closed-chamber design for their forks. Read more


[edit] It takes a pounding from both the engine & the driveline, and no sympathy from riders either. Read more

Free Suspension Setup Tips

[edit] Can you set up a bike’s suspension without spending a cent? You can if you know where to look… Read more


[edit] Changing your bike's gearing can transform its personality overnight. Read more

Kayaba & Showa Suspensions

[edit] Chances are that your bike, and probably even your car, has their suspension. Read more

Loud Bikes & Locked Gates

[edit] Aftermarket Mufflers are really popular, and make more power with less weight. Or do they? Read more

Nuts & Bolts

[edit] We've all seen plenty of them, but do you really know the physics of how they work? Read more

Replacing your Bike's Graphics

[edit] Your bike's graphics say a lot about your personality. Your sense of style, your sponsors, your likes and how you treat your bike. Read more

Shock Linkage Maintenance

[edit] Is your rear suspension feeling sticky or stiff or crunchy? It might not be the shock absorber. Read more

Suspension Mods for your Budget

[edit] What kinds of modifications suit my budget? How can I get the best Bang for my Buck? Read more

Teknik Tapered Wire PDS Springs

[edit] WP's PDS (no-linkage) rear suspension is simple, light & low maintenance. But not smooth or progressive. Read more

Upgrading Kawasaki's KX450F

[edit] It's back and better than ever. But it can be even betterer. Read more

Shim Factor Calculator

[edit] How many 0.15 shims do I need to use to replace a stack of 0.10 shims? Its not about the thickness - the stiffness of a shim does not increase proportionally to its thickness. Use this handy tool to work out replacement shim quantities. Read more