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Kawasaki KX250F

Teknik campaigned Kawasaki KX250F’s in the Pro Lite National MX Series in 2006, and we regularly talk to Charlie Costanzo about new developments with the bikes.

The KX250F received a major makeover in 2006. The previous models (2004/2005) were a joint venture between Suzuki and Kawasaki, and Kawasaki bailed out of the deal and surprised Suzuki by building a new bike for 2006. This bike received only minor updates for 2007 and 2008.

The fork & shock are both very high quality components. The settings changed slightly from 2006 to 2007, with larger 12.5mm damper rods in the forks for 2008. We believe that the bike has always been aimed at 80kg fast clubmen, so smaller riders will experience headshake, while faster & heavier riders will find both the forks and shock soft, make it ride low and bottom out.

Kawasaki KX250F Forks

Our Showa Twin Chamber Fork settings and parts were developed while racing the KX250F during 2006. It makes the forks plusher throughout the travel, improving bottoming resistance at the same time. We also change the mid-speed setting and rebound setting to suit the springs, and fit different rate pressure springs (also known as Inner Chamber Springs, or ICS) if required.

Motorcycle Fork Service

Part No. 13-008-00

Motorcycle Fork Service - Restoration (15+ years)

For Forks over 15 years old
Part No. 13-008-03

Kawasaki KX250F Shock

A firmer setting in the shock helps hold the rear up, allowing less effort on turn-in, with rebound valving matched to the spring rate.

The 2004-2005 KX250F uses either our own Teknik 59_61-270 Series Shock Springs, or HiCalibre 20-085 Series Shock Springs.

The later 2006 onward KX250F uses Teknik 64_66-258 Series Shock Springs, or HiCalibre 20-115 Series Shock Springs.

FYI, we do not recommend the Pro Circuit rear suspension link for the KX250F, it’s a very minor change for $799 (!) worth of link.

Shock Revalve & Service

Part No. 13-014-00

HiCalibre Shock Spring 59/62 x 270 (Eibach 892 59_61-270))

From  $219.00
In Stock
Part No. 20-085

HiCalibre Shock Spring 63.5/65.5 x 258 (Eibach 897 or 889 267mm)

63.5/65.5mm id x 258mm free length
From  $219.00
Part No. 20-115

Teknik Shock Spring 59/61 x 270

From  $165.00
In Stock
Part No. 59_61-270

Teknik Shock Spring 64/66 x 258 (Eibach 897 or 889 267mm)

64/66mm id x 258mm free length
From  $165.00
Part No. 64_66-258

Yacugar E-RS Shock for Kawasaki KX250F

Kawasaki 2006-2011 KX250F SuperMotard
Part No.