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Triumph Tiger 1050

The Triumph Tiger 1050 is great for Australian roads, the 150mm of travel and upright riding position help you to enjoy some of the twisties in places like the Oxley Highway and the Putty Road, just north of Sydney.

Once pushed just a little bit, the forks and shock can't keep up with the rest of the bike though. Our suspension dyno testing shows where the suspension is lacking, and it's the dampening. That super soft plushness feels nice on the showroom floor, but means you never quite feel planted, or know how much grip is under either tyre.

Triumph Tiger 1050 Forks

Ahead of their time, the 43mm Showa front forks have rebound in one leg, compression the other. The stock forks are very lightly dampened initially, resulting in brake dive and a general busy feel to the fork, not confidence inspiring. We replace the stock internals, pistons & valves with our own Teknik developed parts and then check the results on the suspension dyno before and after. The difference is night and day.

Compounding things are the stock springs: just 0.60kg/mm, which is very light by any standard. We usually fit springs in the 0.80 to 0.90 range with appropriate preload.

Motorcycle Fork Service

Part No. 13-008-00

Triumph Tiger 1050 Shock

Honestly, the 46mm Showa is quite a good shock absorber. The spring rate is good for riders around 85kg and the preload adjuster is nice, the rebound adjuster is all most riders need. What it lacks is set-up. There is so little dampening it feels like the shock isn't even working.

This can be rectified when we rebuild the shock. We can rebuild the stock shock absorber, turning it into a rebuildable unit as we go, and springing it to suit your riding with our 20-048 Series Shock Springs.

Your other option is to replace the whole lot with a completely adjustable Yacugar or TFX replacement rear shock. Whichever you choose, it is built to your specifications and will provide much better performance.

Non Rebuildable Shock Overhaul & Revalve.

As you can see from the dyno graph, just adding some solid damping to the stock shock can make a world of difference. We also modify the shock casing and internals so that it can be rebuilt much easier and quicker (and cheaper) in the future.

When we do a revalve, we give the stock Showa shock strong, linear, continued damping all the way through the stroke (in Red), whereas the stock damping rolls over and dies almost immediately (top half of the blue line). Triumph Tiger 1050 Shock Suspension Dyno Tuning

Shock Revalve & Service - Non-Rebuildable Shocks

For Non-Rebuildable Shock Absorbers
Part No. 13-014-06

HiCalibre Shock Spring 57 x 210

From  $219.00
In Stock
Part No. 20-048

TFX 140 Emulsion Shock for Triumph Tiger 1050

Triumph 2007-2012 Tiger 1050
Part No. 140-0379-00

TFX 141 Hose Shock for Triumph Tiger 1050

Triumph 2007-2012 Tiger 1050
Part No. 141-0379-00

Yacugar E-RS Shock for Triumph Tiger 1050

Triumph 2007-2012 Tiger 1050
From  $760.00
Part No.

Yacugar F-RS Shock for Triumph Tiger 1050

Triumph 2007-2012 Tiger 1050
From  $1,155.00
Part No.