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Yamaha WR 250F & 450F

The Yamaha WR 250F & 450F is such a fun bike! It’s a great seller and wins plenty of medals in club and open enduro racing. With endless hours of development work for Team Ballards, the Academy of Off Road Riding and a bunch of privateers, we've helped collect plenty of those wins. 
Great power, easy to maintain, and for the first 15 hours or so they’re a top dirt bike. Fork bottoming resistance isn’t great, but if you’re an 80kg trail rider, then you’ll have no problems.


Yamaha WR 250F & 450F Forks

After 10 hours or so, the tension on the base valve poppet spring goes all to hell and that’s it. Those fab-o 48mm KYB USD units become harsh, they bottom easy, deflect like there’s no tomorrow, and CLUNKOLA is your new story. Nice bike; shame about the forks.

We add Fork Springs for everyone outside of 70-80kg range, as this bike is still sprung for a 75kg rider.

YEARS 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016

As you can see from the table above, the suspension was the same for the 2007-14 WR250F and the 2006-11 WR450F. This Early WR suspension uses our 25-029-00 Fork T-Valve Kit.
The current 2015-16 WR250F and the 2012-16 WR450F share the same suspension too. The Late WR suspension uses the 25-033-00 Fork T-Valve Kit. 


Fork T-Valve Upgrade Kit

Early WR T-Valve Kit $
Late WR T-Valve Kit $
Plus Installation, Fork Revalve & Service $ + T-Valve Kit
New Fork Springs Approx $200.00

We send every fork to the bench and fit one of our specially developed Teknik T-Valve Kits. They improve oil flow in the compression valve, and allow a smoother, more plush initial compression where the stock valve fails. Plus we change the poppet spring and revalve, and refill with Silkolene synthetic fork oil. Yippee! They work!

You’ve now got better-than-stock forks that will go where you want without shock transfer to your arms. You can find the right Fork Spring rate for your weight here.

Yamaha WR 250F & 450F Shock

Shock Service.


A service will get the nitrogen back inside the bladder where it belongs. It also includes fresh Oil.

Shock Revalve.

New Shock Spring Approx $200

A service is good, but a revalve to suit your height, weight, speed and terrain specs is even better value. There's a good chance you will want different shock springs too; you can find the right Shock Spring rate for your weight here.