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The DR650 of the future. You heard it here first, The WR250R is a DR alternative! 

We have been developing this package since 2012 with Yamaha Australia and RideAdv on their hire bikes. Suitable for riders from 70 - 110kg that use the WR as an adventure bike. Carries 30kg no problem. All the problems with the shock are solved with our shock dyno developed settings. We have tested all our competitors products, we are the only suspension company that uses a shock dyno on every customer job. 

No further discounts apply to this already discounted deal: 


Fork Revalve and dyno testing. - Heavier 0.48kg/mm fork springs are in stock and can be fitted at an extra cost, $189. Only for Heavy and aggressive (Fat and fast) riders.
Shock Revalve, secret adjuster modification and dyno testing - Our re-valve solves every problem the WR-R shock has. Hundreds of dyno runs on our shock dyno's and thousands of km have resulted in a shock no one else can match. You saw on the net some guy fitted a Gold Valve and says it's great? He doesn't know what great is. We also lower every shock we do on the WR 25mm at the guard. We can lower further if you need it.
We also fit a spring to suit your weight, usually a 9.0kg/mm.  Rates are available from 8.0 - 14.5kg/mm.

Suspension Only $925
Ride In & Ride Out $1100

The WR250R uses what could be best described as early 90's MX technology for its suspension. So it's way ahead of the Tenere 660 and DR650 that are early 80's tech at best.

Stock suspension is very Japanese trail bike in setup, very soft in the front and stiffer in the rear. Traditionally this is for pillion riding. Surprisingly, most of this softness comes from a lack of dampening at both ends, not soft springs. If the rider is under 85kg and carries no gear, we leave the stock springs and just work on dampening. The bikes TB and the RideAdv crew ride only use an uprated shock spring. 
RideAdvTest mules. Want to try one out? They can be hired on RideAdv rides.
Another two 250R's getting the fork treatment
For the fork, we have tried a few different settings with TB and Wulfy but have settled on the settings that were a little firmer, as you tend to ride the bike harder, being low powered and light. So we revalve the forks, and change springs if they need it. Stock fork springs are 0.46kg/mm, which is OK for up to 100kg. I have to change quite a lot about the damping on the fork, it's not just a quick throw a few shims in. 
Four new fork pistons being assembled with new valving in the forks.
  • Fork Revalve - We rebuild and revalve your stock forks using our dyno developed settings. Every set of forks is dyno tested to meet our quality standards. If you are over 100kg, you can also find the fork spring rate you need HERE.

    New Fork Springs Approx $190

Shock  On the shock we did run with, again, a revalved stock shock but we found the shock lost dampening after not too many km to the point you wind the rebound adjuster in to full hard. When we inspected the shock,the shock struggles to make low speed damping. We modify the rebound adjuster in every WR-R shock to get the kick out of it, that's what alll the video's you will see on the net talk about. TB has done 8000km in testing so far with no wear issues and no fade. Stock shock spring is 8.1kg/mm. The normal upgrade is is 9.0kg/mm. 
Bleeding shocks up on the vacuum pump to ensure perfect filling with oil.
A point to be careful on when lowering WR250R's is the bottom of the shock does run close to the swingarm. Some aftermarket lowering links we have seen make the shock and swingarm collide at half stroke. Shortening the shock can have the same effect. So lowering can be done, 45mm is possible, but you have to know what you are doing.
  • Shock Revalve & Service . Based around one of our specially developed shock settings, we revalve and service your shock for your weight and riding , then dyno test to confirm. If you call around to get other quotes, remember to ask if other tuners will dyno test your shock. They won't because they either don't have a dyno or they do but it sits in a corner, covered in dust because they don't know how to use it.