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As it happens in many stories, in the beginning is a passion, a hobby that eventually changes into a job. Everything was born from two friends with the passion for motocross. So Lainer Guidi and Walther Lolli started to work on their bike's suspension. Starting inside Lainer’s garage, it was important to have the friendship and share the passion for bikes and suspensions. The “rumour” spread out and over time our hobby turned into a job.

Unfortunately on March 2002 my dear friend Lainer passed away in a road accident and from that moment my goal was to continue the work started together, above all to bring my friend’s name onto the tracks. So in 2005 Lainer Suspension Racing was founded by Walther Lolli.

Today Lainer Suspension Racing can boast great strides forward, due to many experiences with riders of all levels, always with the desire to seek maximum performance and to offer the best service possible. We thank the riders and the teams who always trusted us and have allowed us to grow up and give the new experiences important for our business. With the Supermoto team Fast Wheels in 2011 we got a World Championship S1 title with the rider Adrien Chareyre and in 2014 the European Championship title with the rider Asseri Kingelin.

In 2015 we began a new challenge in Southern California, the land of motocross, where we started the American company Lainer Suspension Racing LLC.

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