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Suzuki DRZ400

The Suzuki DRZ400 has been a reliable workhorse since 2000 when it was introduced. It's a very reliable platform for a commuter, a trailbike, an adventure bike. If it has drawbacks it's the close spacing of the 5 speed transmission. Gear it for what you do and its not a big issue. 

Our  suspension upgrade packages use the stock Showa fork and shock, modified in valving and spring rates to suit your rider weight and use.

Every DRZ is sprung individually front and back to suit you and your application and tested on our suspension dyno to ensure it meets our high standards. Whether on or off road, loaded up or stripped down, we will supply a package that works.
Pricing is based on a new or as new bike, and consumables for older DRZ's will cost a little more. We don't charge extra labour for changing consumables as we already have the suspension apart.
Pricing does not include freight to and from our workshop. We use AusPost and TNT, almost anywhere in Australia is $25-35 one way, road freight.

DRZ400E S and SM Suspension Upgrade - Stage 1

Upgraded Fork & Upgraded Standard Shock
Part No. 13-DRZ400-STG1

You get a full Fork service, revalve and new fork springs for your weight. And a full Shock service, revalve and a new shock spring for the stock Showa unit too. All dyno tested.

Suzuki DRZ400 Forks

The DRZ has a set of 49mm Showa conventional forks. It's quite unusual to get a fork of this diameter - 49mm is the biggest of the conventional forks. A big plus is the cartridge is a great design, just underdeveloped. While the stock fork settings are good for light use, more demanding riders will benefit from valving changes.

The stock springs at 0.44kg/mm are fine for 70kg riders with no gear. We routinely use 0.46 to 0.50kg/mm 19-190 Series Fork Springs depending on fuel tank size and rider weight.

Motorcycle Fork Service

Part No. 13-008-00

Motorcycle Fork Service - Restoration (15+ years)

For Forks over 15 years old
Part No. 13-008-03

HiCalibre Fork Springs 43 x 505 (Eibach 974)

43mm od x 505mm free length
From  $219.00
Part No. 19-190

Suzuki DRZ400 Shock

The Showa 50mm shock in the DRZ is one of the highest spec shocks in a trail/adventure bike. It is always full of air and gas from the factory, so a simple oil change will yield results.

It's worth noting there was a shock specification change for 2013. From 2000 to 2012 the shock setting (damping) was suited to faster riders who used the DRZ for enduro type work. Suzuki must have realised the bike was being used for more sedate riding, and revised the shock setting from 2013 on. When we revalve the shock we can make it to whatever the owner requires, we are not restricted by the OEM setup.

We stock plenty of rates of 20-115 Series Shock Springs for riders weighing 60 to 160kg.

Shock Revalve & Service

Part No. 13-014-00

HiCalibre Shock Spring 63.5/65.5 x 258 (Eibach 897 or 889 267mm)

63.5/65.5mm id x 258mm free length
From  $219.00
Part No. 20-115

TFX 140 Emulsion Shock for Suzuki DR-Z400 SM/E/S

Suzuki 2000 on DRZ400
Part No. 140-0295-00